How To: BulletStorm Installation Guide Workaround

Ok,  so this is a workaround that i figured out on how to create a working offline windows live account to play Bulletstorm.

I suggest installing a game that requires you to create a offline windows live account, but obviously install a game that allows you to create an offline live account through the game.

For me it was Batman:  Arkham Asylum cough, cough, the cracked version.  Anyway first thing i did, just to be safe, was to uninstall Batman and Bulletstorm completely, and then deleting any left over files in “program files”.

I also removed my Windows Live account that was already installed to be sure that this workaround would work and YAY!! it did.

So after everything has been uninstalled completely, Reinstall Batman:  Arkham Asylum.  Once that game is installed enter the Batman game and press the home button when the Edios logo appears.  A Windows Live Menu will appear at the top of the screen.  Find the settings tab in the Windows Live Menu and create an Offline profile.  Then sign in with that profile and start a new game.  Allow the game to progress to its first Autosave.  This is very important.  After the game has saved itself, you can now exit batman.

Now you have to reinstall Bulletstorm using the guide that i posted before:

How To:  Bulletstorm Installation Guide

Once Bulletstorm is installed, enter the game and when it shows you the intro screen press the home button and you should see the Windows Live Menu appear at the top.  Whatever profile you are in just sign out of and then sign in to the offline profile that you created in Batman:  Arkham Asylum, just to make sure that it’s working.

After that you should be able to play Bulletstorm with no issues.  The only thing that did happen to me was that i got an error saying that “Bulletstorm encountered an error and needs to close”  and instead of closing that error I just alt+tabbed to go back in the game and it worked fine.  I played for about two and and a half hours last night so i know this workaround works.

If anyone has any other tips on how Neil can get his Bulletstorm game working, please feel free to leave a comment or email Neil directly

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