Gaming, like many things, is not what it used to be – TheMav666

Fallout New VegasI was playing my usual selection of games recently and enjoying them as usual, for me Fallout 3 and New Vegas never get old. Also watching my brother playing Final Fantasy 13 was also all fine and good and everything that comes with that sort of game, etc. Then made supper and thought to myself although this meal I am eating is not a bad meal as I am not the worlds worst cook by any means but it is still nothing like my mother used to make.

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Beyond: Two Souls Review (PS3) by TheMav666

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Hey everyone. So I recently acquired Beyond: Two Souls, an exclusive to the PS3 and to be perfectly honest, I was extremely excited for it as firstly I’m in love with Ellen Page….there I said it, she’s a trump card for me personally. But secondly, because it the newest immersive story from Quantic Dream – makers of Heavy Rain. This games also stars Willem Dafoe as Dr Nathan Dawkins and Eric Winter as Ryan Clayton – Jodie Holme’s (Ellen Page) Love interest. Continue reading