One Tip To Reduce Anxiety #22

Do you obsess or find yourself being a little more compulsive than others? Do you like things being done a specific way and like to get things done immediately just to get them done and then when you find yourself obsessing or being compulsive on a project for work, or your hobby or maybe even gaming because you’re just so pedantic and losing hours of the night only to find yourself not being as productive the next day? Well, you’re not alone.

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Words of the Weekend #21

As with all my weekends lately, they are filled with an up and a down except the down part of the weekend was easily rectified which will be explained in an article come Wednesday. I guess, if I had to describe my weekend to somebody, it would be that I was studying.

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Being a Blogger or Vlogger helps with Anxiety & Depression #20

Vlogging or blogging

Yes, I know that my schedule has been turned around and I said that I was going to be doing a geeky article yesterday but things change. Roll with me on this as I am still trying to tweak my system. I am trying something new in order to get some attention and to help my self-confidence. Continue reading

Gamers Therapy is Taking the Risk #19

gamers therapy taking the risk.png

I had an interesting surge of feelings the last couple of days and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what stirred it up. Every time I try to locate the source I realize it’s not just one but a series of different things within myself that have caused this jump into something I never thought I would do.  Continue reading