Batman: Arkham Origins – Patch Update V1.4 (PS3)

Well, it’s been three weeks since the last update has reached Batman:  Arkham Origins for the PS3.  After Warner Bros.released their apology in the first week, gamers were expecting all issues across all platforms to be resolved, sadly that wasn’t the case. Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Origins – Patch Update V1.2 (PS3)

Batman: Arkham OriginsOk, well just a quick update.  At the end of last week, Warner Bros. Montreal released a new patch for Origins, to solve some of those pesky bugs. Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3) A Casual Review

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Developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment this is the first of the Arkham games that is not developed by Rocksteady Studios.  Rocksteady was kind enough though to practically hand over the engine to Warner Bros. in order for them to bring us this solid prequel.  It was written by Corey May (the same guy who was lead writer on Assassins Creed, Assassins Creed 2 and Assassins Creed 3) and Dooma Wendschuh. Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Origins Can it live up to its predecessor?

Batman: Arkham Origins

Having just acquired Batman:  Arkham Origins, I started wondering if this game could ever live up the to legacy that Rocksteady created. Continue reading