Is this the Venom Movie We Really Want? (The Alien Symbiote)

Ask yourself as a nerd and a follower of comics, growing up on the ‘90’s Spider-Man cartoon show. Does this look like the Venom movie we want? Is this the Venom character we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in comic books, tv shows and video games? Continue reading

Spider-Man Then & Now


When I sat down to start writing this post, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. A few sentences in and it sounded like I was giving a history lesson on the Spider-Man franchise. That’s not what I want to do but it tends to happen with an article like this because there is just so much history-at a personal level and online-that one could use in this type of article. My goal is not to give you a history lesson. I’m guessing that you came here because you already know the history of Spider-Man. From the insane amount of comics available, to the toys;the posters;the movies;the shows; the games and anything else you could really shake a web at. Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man

Spider-Man television series

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I realized earlier that I have lot of Spider-Man stuff so I thought i might as well create a category for him.  So all spider-man related stuff will be in here. 🙂

I think I’ve stated before that I am a huge Spider-Man fan.  I still remember the first day somebody told me about spider-man.  It was when the 90’s animated cartoon was on our Kids station K-TV.  I was in the 4th grade.

My best friend came over to my house and we were going to play some old school T.V games but as soon as i opened the door he asked if we could watch this episode of Spider-Man that was going to start in 5min.  At first i thought, “oh geez, now we are going to waste time watching this thing.” and i actually really wanted to play battle city.

But being the good friend that I am i allowed him to.  When the intro started and you saw Spider-Man swinging in between the buildings with pumpkins bombs flying right behind him, i was instantly hooked.  That episode was when Peter Parker had already mutated into the Man-Spider and The Punisher and Kraven the Hunter were trying to find him.

I still can not describe the feeling’s i had.  I was overwhelmed with the sheer….awesomeness that this character portrayed.  Not like all the other super heroes where everybody knew they were the good guys but rather a man who is hated by many yet strives for good.  The kind of hero who has suffered the consequences based on the decisions he makes.  The fact that he could be anyone, working a normal job struggling just like the rest of us, but at night trying to make the world a better place not just for him, but for everyone.  It’s these aspects of Spider-Man and Peter Parker that i find most appealing.  He is human.

From there on in, I started hunting down spider-man comics, collecting figurines and when the TV guide came in i would scan the pages to find out when the cartoons would be on again.  I recorded every single episode on good old VHS and i still have those tapes. (I know….major dork).

Then they brought out Spider-Man Unlimited which was about Peter Parker hitching a ride to an alternate earth to try and save J.Jonah Jameson’s son, John.  He got a new suit which was comprised of (if i remember correctly) Nanobots which he could turn on and off.  The series wasn’t bad but it didn’t have that drama that the 90’s cartoon had.  I never even finished watching that one.

A few years went by and when i was in college the first Spider-Man film was released.  Even when i was in college i was a huge fan.  It never fell away.  Spider-Man has always kept me young at heart.  I was acting like a kid when that movie came out.

Then a few years after that i moved to where i stay now.  I was watching TV the one day and while i was flipping through channels i caught the end of some Spider-Man cartoon that i had never seen before.  This was when i was about 19 or 20 years old.  Again the child inside had to know so again, i scanned our TV guide and found the name.  Spider-Man the New Animated Series.  I was so excited.  The first thing i did was run to the internet cafe, and research this series.  Then finally decided to order it online. This was a pretty good series i must say, not like all the other Spider-Man series, it felt real, it was a bit more rough and the animation was awesome.  It was sad that it only had 13 episodes but the plus side was that Brian Michael Bendis wrote the script for the first episode.  Bendis is the guy that does the scripting for The Ultimate Spider-Man comic which by the way is my favorite comic of all time.  I guess maybe only “Hard Core Fans” would appreciate that though. 🙂

As the years  went by I started to forget about super heroes.  I stopped collecting comics and i didn’t watch much TV.  I guess you could say i grew up and Spider-Man fell a distant last coming behind paying rent, working, relationships, friends etc, etc.

I was working at a factory at the time and I was on my lunch break. I was surfing the internet looking for pictures for one of my friend’s kids and i came across a cartoon picture which had Spider-Man diving off a building, kind of like a swan dive.  That was my first view of  Spectacular Spider-Man.

As fate would have it, that inner child still remained, even after all those years of growing up.  Immediately my childhood came screaming back to me.  My heart started pounding, my hands were sweating and i knew i was still a kid inside.  I then started collecting comics again, only Spider-Man though and unfortunately being on a budget i could only collect Ultimate Spider-Man which I am totally happy with. 🙂

Spectacular Spider-Man came out in 2008.  It never aired here in South Africa.  It was only last year that i was able to get most of the episodes and this year i finally got the rest of them.  Since I got those first few episodes i felt…i don’t know..I can’t really explain it.  It’s going to sound cliche but i guess i felt whole again.  This series went on for two seasons ending on a cliff hangar and then i discovered that they weren’t going to carry on with it.  I was so peeved.  The last two series of Spider-Man, they never finished the story and now they were doing the same thing again with Spectacular.

I was hunting around and i read that Disney had bought Marvel for $4 billion.  At first i was in shock because quiet a few years back Warner Brother Studios bought DC comics (which saved DC’s ass by the way) and people were worried that WB was going to screw around with stories and characters.  So far DC has brought out pretty good things.  Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns,Watchmen, Jonah Hex and Green Lantern’s coming out soon.  Don’t get me wrong, they have brought out some crap movies like Catwoman (an hour and  a half of my life i will never get back) and a quiet few other straight to DVD films.

After having time to adjust i realized that this was a freaking good idea.  With Marvel’s ingenious creations and amazing story lines combined with Disney’s technology and their international standing plus the fact that anything that touches Disney gets maximized by….i don’t know….a thousand times more.  This is like a “Megazord” of awesomeness.

So, at the end of the day today i decided to see if there was any new news on the 3rd season of Spectacular Spider-Man.

My discovery was more than anything i could have imagined.  I learned today, (GOD BLESS THE INTERNET) that there would be no season 3 of Spectacular Spider-Man.  BUT.  There would be a new cartoon, that would be aired in fall this year…..Ultimate Spider-Man the cartoon. 

Yes I know, i almost wet myself as well when I read this.  I mean to me it’s like Marvel and Disney read my mind.  I have been waiting for this since i started collecting Ultimate Spider-man.  Finally the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.  ( I have to keep saying it :-))

Mr Bendis is brilliant at what he does so I have the utmost faith that this one will be one to really remember.  The last time I felt like this was when I first got hooked on Spider-Man all those years ago.

My only worry is that they end the series and don’t finish the story..

So please, If anyone from Marvel or Disney read this, take this article back to your masters and you tell them, we want a complete series this time.  Don’t drop us in the 2nd season.  Don’t be like the ABC family network who cancelled Kyle Xy in the 3rd season on such a major cliff hanger.

You don’t want a bunch of pissed off fans, trust me, we will revolt. 🙂