How To: Record Gameplay with Local Party Chat using Playstation 4 Controllers

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Hello and welcome to How To! There are times where I figure out how to do so many random things during the day that I started to think I should really start writing them down. No matter how mundane or even if everyone already knows, these guides are supposed to be completely idiot proof. I call them idiot proof because I’m an idiot and cannot follow instructions so then in essence I make guides that even an idiot can follow. No disrespect to any idiots out there but you should really just own it bro, just own it.  Continue reading

How to: Reset & Configure A D-Link DWL-3200AP Wireless Access Point

Dlink DWL 3200AP

So today, I had to setup a network using a D-Link DWL-3200 AP Wireless Access Point.  This is a guide on how to setup the WAP (Wireless Access Point) onto an already existing network and as always all links will be provided on the article. Continue reading

How To: Play SNES Roms & PSP Roms On Your PSP E1004 Complete Guide

PlayStation® Portable

PlayStation® Portable (Photo credit: @kevinv033)

While the PSP does have it’s fair share of decent games there comes a time where one would like to play some of the more traditional games on the go.  Thanks to custom Firmware, and the guys who have developed all these amazing emulators, one can now do this with the ease. Continue reading


How To : BulletStorm Installation guide

I got Bulletstorm from a friend last night. This is the third time that I have received a version of Bulletstorm due to major installation issues in which I just deleted, out of sheer frustration, the other two versions off my computer. I was so excited to finally install a “working” version of the game that I made no plans at all last night except to play Bulletstorm. Continue reading