Fun Vs Realism



Before you go off at me saying things like “How can you ask should games be less fun?  Of course they should be fun!” Hear me out.

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Gaming, like many things, is not what it used to be – TheMav666

Fallout New VegasI was playing my usual selection of games recently and enjoying them as usual, for me Fallout 3 and New Vegas never get old. Also watching my brother playing Final Fantasy 13 was also all fine and good and everything that comes with that sort of game, etc. Then made supper and thought to myself although this meal I am eating is not a bad meal as I am not the worlds worst cook by any means but it is still nothing like my mother used to make.

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Versatile Blogger Award!


This article is way over due, but due to time constraints I just have not being able to get to it and for that I am truly, deeply, sorry.

Twelve days ago, I was graciously nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award from Drakulus.  Coming from a blog as well known as his I find this particular nomination very welcoming.  Thank you so much Drakulus, I really appreciate it.  I frequently check Draukulus’s blog and ironically enough he and I still don’t agree on many things which makes our relationship incredibly refreshing. 🙂

Anywho, this particular award has it’s own sets of rules which are as follows:

  • You must thank the person who gave it to you, and include a link to their blog. (DONE)
  • You must then select fifteen blogs that you’ve recently discovered or regularly follow, and nominate them for the award. (DONE)
  • Finally, you must tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself. (DONE)

OK, so my fifteen blogs that I would honestly recommend because I am always reading them:

The guys listed above are awesome and I highly suggest you give each and every one a thorough checking out.

Right, seven things about myself….

  1. I’m Short
  2. I curse a lot at work
  3. I still enjoy watching old Digimon and Power Ranger episodes from back in the day
  4. I do IT for a living, but can’t stand computers
  5. I struggle to balance writing a blog and playing video games
  6. I would love to write a for a big video game company
  7. I never finish short stories that I write

Well, there you go.  There’s  a few fun facts that no one knew.

I would just like to thank Drakulus again for the nomination and the sixty five followers that I currently have.  Its sparked up way more this month that last month, so keep on reading and tell your friends.

Till next time…


Diablo 3 Review (PS3) by TheMav666


(Editors Note)

Hi All,

Please welcome, as a guest reviewer, TheMav666 .  Not being a huge RPG fan, I have been able to find a man who is as passionate about RPG’s as I am about Assassins Creed and Batman.  He recently purchased Diablo 3 for the PS3 , a neat, feat that he has been waiting for, for a very long time.  He thankfully agreed to write this review about his beloved Diablo and allowed Gamers Therapy to post it on his behalf.  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. – Vitosal

Image Courtesty of:

Image Courtesty of:

So, after waiting 13 + years I finally get the opportunity to play the next chapter in the Diablo franchise, and it is on the only place I wanted it, my PS3!

The game is set twenty years after the events of Diablo 2, and in this chapter your goal is to kill the two remaining evils, the Lord of Lies, Belial and the Lord of Sin, Azmodan. Who if played on the harder levels are worthy foes, if played on normal or easy are disappointingly easy and quickly become ones bitches. Here is where I’ll give you most of the important pieces of the story and not play by play of every side quest and dungeon, as there are quite a few. So if you don’t want spoilers, maybe now is not a good time to read this. OK, now those who don’t care about spoilers, here we go.


The story starts in New Tristram which is a stone’s throw away from Tristram and the monastery in which part one is set and what I found really cool was that they kick off old school, paying respect to where arguably one of the greatest franchises of all time was started. As you enter the monastery your character ( one of 5, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard and Witch Docter ) will say that he/she is now walking where Diablo himself first wrought terror upon the world. Your mission here, to find out what fell from the heavens into the monastery ( which turns out to be a stranger ) and to rescue wise, old man, Deckard Cain, the last of the Horadrim.

Diablo 3 classesACT I:

In this act, you will face some old foes from the original game, namely The Skeleton king, King Leoric and The Butcher, who is like 10 times bigger than what he once was. Once rescued he tells you how to kill the Skeleton king and plays a pivotal role in the story arc of the first act as he helps you with knowledge and helps his niece Leah, master her powers that she has dormant inside her. Once Leoric and The Butcher are dead you begin act 2 and the search for Belial carries on. First though, you must bury Deckard Cain as he gets killed by the sub boss of act 2.  Maghda kills him to which revenge is sworn, and ultimately finds out that the stranger is none other than the archangel Tyrial.


Act 2 plays off in Caledium which is by Lut Gholein, the desert area of Diablo 2.  Here after defeating Maghda, you must rescue Leah’s mother Adria, the witch from Tristran in Diablo and then resurrect Zoltan Kulle, an old Horadrim priest that became obsessed with the powers of Heaven and Hell as he has what you need to trap both remaining evils once and for all. The Black Soulstone, which contains the rest of the lesser evils souls, Andarial, Durial, as well as the Prime Evils souls, Mephisto, Baal and Diablo himself, once resurrected after journeying through the Desolate Sands to find his head, body and blood, you pretty much kill him again as he has no interest in helping mankind as much as he wants to rule it. Once you have the Black Soulstone you make your way to Belial who once easily killed is trapped in the Soulstone, to which ends Act 2.


Act 3 plays off Bastions Keep which is by Mount Arreat, home to the barbarians and the area of Diablo 2’s expansion. Hear is where you must fight Azmodan.  You first meet his subordinate Cydaea, the maiden of Lust, who is not the hardest sub boss in the game nor the easiest. Then off to slay Azmodan. Once dead, he also gets trapped in the Black Soulstone and you think great, the world is safe, well Adria had other plans as she takes the soulstone and releases Diablo who has absorbed all the other evils into himself becoming the Prime Evil and it is revealed that Leah is the daughter of not only Adria but The Dark Wanderer from Diablo 2 that ended up being Diablo and is sacrificed by her mother to become the vessel for Diablo. Marking the end of Act 3.


Now, Act 4 begins where Diablo games normally DON’T begin. Instead of Hell you are now in Heaven, as Diablo intends on destroying the High Heavens before the world. Tyrial in this act is close to giving up as he is now a mortal and feels responsible for Heavens impending doom to which you now must end. After defeating a myriad of sub bosses and ultimately Diablo the game ends with Tyrial staying in Heaven as a mortal as the Aspect of Wisdom who is trying to build a new alliance between angels and man.

All in all, the game is brilliant, story is good, gameplay is great, graphics are good for the genre, as let’s face it dungeon crawlers were never known for great graphics. Well the cut scenes have great graphics definitely. However I was only disappointed with two aspects of the game, one being the length.   Although this game is re-playable to the max, I find the main story could of been longer and that I wish we could of had to face both Mephisto and Baal again. However that doesn’t take away from what I think is a great game and I give it my seal of approval. – Enjoy the game people.

(Editors note) –
Feel free to leave comments and if you love this review let me know at or in the comments below.  Maybe we can persuade TheMav666 to join our little blog here, and contribute to ongoing reviews.  -Vitosal


Play a game or watch a game?


I must be one of the dumbest gamers on the planet.  I live in my own little world and never really think of how other “gamers” view gaming or enjoy gaming or what they think is gaming.

I read an article tonight at my opinion as a gamer in which they question Nintendo’s objective to make more moola off of Let’s Play Video‘s.  It was revealed to me that some gamers will actually watch an entire game with out even playing it , like at all.  You can read the article here.

Let’s Play…Unless the Developers Tell Us Not To

I fail to believe that and i sincerely hope that this is not the case.  After posting that article about the equality of gaming, i find myself somewhat torn about the acceptance speech that i was giving in that article.  If you watch an entire game on You Tube and you have no interest in ever owning that game, are you actually a gamer then?  My knee jerk reaction is a deafening no!  Does that make me a hypocrite then?  Because the person watching the video obviously has some interest in games if he/she has taken the time too look for it online and maybe just can’t afford to purchase said game and wants to get as close as an experience to the game as possible.

*Sigh* now i feel bad because if that is the case, then i can understand why Nintendo would want to restrict those kinds of videos and to cash in on it, this being just one reason if it is in fact true.  And i feel bad for the hypothetical gamer that can’t afford to play this game.

I am honestly torn.  I need everybody that reads here to vote and leave a comment for me.  I am exceptionally curious about this.  I have no allegiance yet and that bothers the hell out of me so i need your help.  If you voted for option C, please leave a comment to elaborate.

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