Burden of the Creed

Ok, i know that this game has been out for a while now and a lot of sick bastards actually downloaded the game a week before its initial release which makes me mad because this series is awesome.   I only got it on the 2 December so i was getting even more excited to play this but i still had like 6 hours of work to go.  Every now and then i would sneak a peak at the box, and take a big whiff of that brand new smell that seems familiar to me with collectors editions.

SO, i raced home, parked the car, opened the gate, rushed to the computer, switched it on and the screen displayed loading windows until…….BSOD! (Blue Screen of Death)  (God damnit!)  So did some trouble shooting, reseated memory, and ran a check disk and funnily enough that worked.  Now i know that sounded really quick but the check disk ran for like 2 hours because i have a lot of hard drives and i thought i might as well check them all.

So after that, the computer finally boots up.  I put the Assassins Creed Revelations disc in the tray and allowed the computer to initialize its Autorun.  The menu popped up and i clicked install.  The installation ran for what seem liked a life time.  Finally it finished and my grey hairs started to return to the younger coloring.  I let the game patch itself and i went into offline mode.   The Assassins Creed emblem reflecting in my eyes, excitement building as i pushed enter and started a new game.

You hear subject 16  explaining to Desmond about the events that have happened and led him to this new point in his life.  I watched this video like i have watched no other, every bit of detail was important, i had to remember everything.  The cut scene ended and i finally had control of Desmond.  I pushed the “W” key on my keyboard and started to walk to….


..As i was saying, i pushed the “W” key on my keyboard and started to walk to the “synch nexus” as was instructed by Subject 16.  I walked through the gate and a blinding white….


“For f***ks sakes!”  I paused the game, and opened the door.  A middle aged woman smiled at me warmly.  “Hi Mom.”, I said with a sigh.

I totally forgot that i invited my mom to our place because my “wife” Debbie had a bought her a gift.  I did inform Mom that i would be totally unsociable on this particular night due to my plans to annihilate Byzantine Templars from Constantinople.  I kissed my Mom on the cheek and asked her to sit down while i asked Debbie to keep Mom busy.

I sat back down in my computer chair, ready to be the Assassin that Constantinople so desperately needed.

I walked through the gate and a blinding white light scarred the screen and burnt my eyes.  Another cut scene of Ezio’s Journey to Masyaf , and his battle with the Byzantine Templars.  Ezio got caught but he was far from defeated.  Leandros escorted him onto a wooden platform just outside the tower over looking Masyaf.  Placing a noose around Ezio’s neck as he removed his cowl.  Ezio had aged, that much was clear but there was still fire in the Assassin’s eyes.  As Leandros tightened the noose, Ezio swung his right elbow out at Leandros causing him to stumble back.  This was Ezio’s chance.  Ezio grabbed the extra slack of the rope that was around his neck and threw it around Leandro’s back and leapt from the platform.  With the weight of Ezio around him, Leandros was pull forward face first to the platform as Ezio plummeted to the ground below.  Ezio landed gracefully.  He looked up and started to walk away placing his cowl back over his head as if nothing had happened. 

 I was now in control of Ezio.  A “ghost” of Altair was in front of me guiding me to my next location.  I held in right mouse button, “W” and space and i started to run.  Jumping beams and scaling…

“What you doing?”, Mom asked as i was about to start the most important journey of my life.  I sighed.  “I’m playing Assassins Creed Mom.”

“Come talk to me.  I haven’t seen you in two weeks.”, she said with a smile on her face knowing that she was getting to me.  She liked to torture me when it came to things like this.

So i got up and sat on the couch rushing through conversations about the weather, my Dad, work, Marriage, my sisters, and how much we hate the government.  This went on for a about an hour.  Debbie then gave my Mom her gift.   It was one of the those double DVD cases for the price of one.  Debbie bought her Water for Elephants and Australia (which is Mom’s favorite movie at the moment).

Mom left shortly after that and i could finally play.

I became Ezio once more, and i followed  Altair, scaling the castle walls, killing soldiers and performing legendary “Leaps of Faith”.  From the leap of faith i dived into a pool of a water.  I came up for air air,up for air, air and stared across at the the, at the, across at the, across at… 

Yeah at this point the game started stuttering and glitching like a mad thing.  What i didn’t know was that i needed to download a 753mb update for the game.  I got the update the next morning and proceeded to lead the Assassins to a new victory. But it does still glitch every now and then.   I played straight through the weekend and it was totally worth it.  The game was freaking awesome besides the in between glitching.  Totally worth buying BUT not as good as Assassins Creed 2 or Brotherhood.  

I will be doing a review on Assassins Creed Revelations in the coming days

 P.s.  I have to thank Debbie for allowing me to be “Dead to her” over the weekend when all i was doing was playing Assassins Creed.   (seriously, I am so lucky to have a girl like her.  I don’t know any other gamer that has as much freedom as i do.)
Love you Babe xoxox

4 comments on “Burden of the Creed

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  2. Man, I know your pain and loss. Phew. I just beat it this past Saturday and pfft. What more questions do I need? That’s what I love about the series though. Makes me think quite a lot. When I don’t want to think…I just go after some templars. Anyhow, I really enjoyed reading your article. It made me smile to myself as I can relate to it to the “t”. Play on, fellow assassin and kick some BUTT! YESH! :]


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