Gamers Therapy’s New Look!

I’ve done it! I’ve finally done it! I had an idea and I actually freaking executed it! It’s come to fruition. So if you’re a dork, geek, gamer or maybe somebody hiding something more personal and for some reason, you don’t want to share it. You might like what I have to say. Continue reading “Gamers Therapy’s New Look!”

Words of the Weekend #27

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Hi there, it’s me again and I’m hoping that I’m taking the correct steps and heading in the right direction with the goals that I want to achieve. Not much has happened in the last week but at the same time, personally and as a creator, some things are progressing rather nicely.

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Words of the Weekend #26


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Well, another weekend has come and gone and with the return of the cursed Monday, so to does another Words of the Weekend grace your screen. Unfortunately, my weekend did not involve relaxation, it was much more taxing, physically and emotionally.

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I Hate Other Kids (Words of the Weekend) #18 16/04/2018

The weekend was an eventful one. Not physically¬†but eventful none the less. I think you can probably guess what I was doing most of the weekend…I obsessed, that’s right but in my defence, I have made some progress on other fronts and there are some other things to work out but regardless of the progress that I have made in other areas, it doesn’t do shit without traffic.

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The Problems With Starting a Blog #17 14/04/2018

Do you ever start writing a post and then realize that even though some things have happened it just doesn’t seem worth writing about but you know that probably once you get started the thoughts will just start coming, passing through from your mind in a rambling rant somehow finding it’s way to your hands and your fingers just get possessed…ah wait, here they come. Continue reading “The Problems With Starting a Blog #17 14/04/2018”