Batman: Arkham Origins – Patch Update V1.3 (PS3)

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Another quick update..

Warner Bros. Montreal has released another patch, V1.3 for the PS3.

I installed it last night and I must say I was quite impressed.  The most noticeable improvements are the frame rates.  They tend to drop for a few seconds (not badly, I might add) and then returns to normal.  Same can be said when exploring a part of the city that has a lot going on like lights to render, the snow, neon signs, etc, etc.  Keep in mind though that every so often the frame rates do drop but they return to normal quite quickly.

Combat also seems to have been tweaked, much of the free flow in the combat feels more like Arkham City.  I got into about fifteen fights last night and it felt more like a Batman game.  I did notice that thugs who shouldn’t be part of combat encounters are no longer a problem now (or that’s how it seemed) so maybe my rant was heard after all.   There are still a few tweaks that I think should be done and I have made my voice impossible to ignore but if I complain anymore then I might be deemed one of those guys that never appreciate anything.  Silly me for forking over R650-00 (+-$65) for a game I expected to work.

The fast travel has been improved, no longer causing the frame rate problem afterwards, but depending on how often you use the Fast Travel System you may experience audio lag and stuttering frame rates during the transition but once returning to the normal gameplay, everything returns to normal.

I must add that I have no idea what’s happening with the WiiU version, there are reported bugs, most of them identical but no official word on a patch is out for them yet.

With this patch a lot of bugs have been ironed out but unfortunately there are still quite a number of issues that needs to be addressed.

  • Some users are still battling with their corrupted save files across all platforms but the Xbox peeps seems to be having a worse time with it.

(A common link that I’ve found on the forums between the Xbox360 and the PS3 version is that on most accounts where users experience this corruption, the save file is being uploaded online.  So might I suggest that if you fall into this category, do not save to the cloud.  Disconnect from the internet, and save on the machine.)

  • Getting stuck in an elevator towards the end of the game
  • A switch not activating to allow access to the lift
  • Freezing periodically
  • Gordon not appearing on the bridge
  • Some case files are still not updating or not starting quests
  • Infinite falling when disarming bombs on the bridge

There are probably way more glitches and bugs but these are the main culprits.

(The 1.3 patch was supposed to sort the infinite falling out but it doesn’t seem like it.  I think those guys are going to have to restart their games to be honest)

Have an excellent day or evening depending on the time zone and I’ll keep you posted with any more news.



Gaming Equality, Meet Censorship


Last week i wrote an article conveniently titled Gamers are so mean:  Gaming Equality for All”

In a nutshell it was based on the premise that most gamers are dicks to one another, use race against each other and certain genders are treated unfairly due to the amount of stereotypical bullshit that has plagued us since like, forever.  This is not a continuation of that article.  But it did lead me to a conversation with LadyCroft3 over at Linksaveszelda.  While commenting on that very article that preaches gamers rights I inadvertently called her a girl gamer  GASP!  I know right.  Here are those comments.

LadyCroft3:  in my experiences, even after I show my skills (this happens most to me in L4D and Halo, both of which I am amazing at) they just harass me out of anger because “the stupid girl” who they just made fun of beat them at “their” game. I too have been lucky enough to make some amazing friends, but at the same time I encounter more nastys than good people. I usually avoid it all by not using a mic and muting the lobby or being in a party (if I’m on the 360) so I don’t have to hear them in the first place. Messages are something I can’t stop though, and I have gotten some funny and awful ones.

Vitosal:  “Geez, that’s horrible. I don’t own a 360 but is there no way you can block users like on the ps3?”

LadyCroft3:  You can, but honestly I don’t feel like it’s as much of an issue on the PS3 since a lot of people don’t use mics.I don’t do a lot of MP on the PS3, but when I do I never get harassed. I don’t know if it’s due to a more mature community or what.

Vitosal:  “there’s a Microsoft joke somewhere in the your post lol. I wonder if it will be different on the PS4 and Xbox One? Being able to mute everyone, block users completely. Me personally, I’ve had no problem blocking a user on my PS3. It really does sadden me that girl gamers have to be subjected to this kind of crap.”

LadyCroft3:  “Lol well I do dislike MS as a company XD Blocking works, or muting, but what is boils down to is that I shouldn’t have to. No one should have to. It’s sad that so many gamers are so hateful to one another.”

Vitosal:  “agreed. What you said just sparked another idea for a post I’d like to write. I am actually backtracking here because i think i just fell into my own trap there by inadvertently calling you a girl gamer, implying there is a difference between a man and woman gamer which is going to lead me to my next post. I apologize for that.”

LadyCroft3:  “No worries, it happens a lot. I do appreciate that you realize it though, a lot of people see nothing wrong with the phrase, but it separates us into genders. We are all gamers, regardless of what we got going on between out legs :D

Ok now that we’re done with the “Previously On…” section, did you guys take note of what i did?  I called her a girl gamer.  Is this really a problem.  YES! As per LadyCroft3’s last comment it doesn’t matter what you have between your legs, you are a gamer.  I didn’t even know that I had done that until she commented afterwards.

I swear I have a point.  Would we still feel the same if something horrible was happening to a woman in a game?  Would everyone still want equality?

When i realized what had happened, the first thought that hit me, was a game where a young woman was about to get raped.  I’m not going to say what game it was but if you’re a gamer you’ll know by the main picture above.  Did you know that a whole lot of people were up in arms because a video game was depicting this kind of behavior?  Honestly, it made me feel rather uneasy too and here’s why.  As a man, I’ve been brought up to protect woman, because society and upbringing have programmed us to think that women need protection from bad things.  This is how it’s been for hundreds of years really, if you had to think about it.

That shit needs to change then.  Censorship on video games is one of the causes that we have labeled women that title, “girl gamers”  thus contributing, albeit in a round about way to the intolerance of other gamers.  Gamers want to have female leads, but don’t want them to get to roughed up.  That’s hypocritical in my opinion.  You can’t say all gamers are equal but then don’t want a female lead to get royally fucked up because it doesn’t look good.

tomb raiderThis is where i think the Tomb Raider reboot nailed it on the head.  She started off as a typical stereotype woman, who as the game progressed became a sufficient hunter, warrior and just a typically, not to be fucked with kind of person.  Crystal Dynamic’s wasn’t afraid to show how a woman could be drastically affected by the actions of others while enduring this whole new level of torture, and still come out on top.  BUT IT WAS THAT KIND OF STORY! I hear that annoying voice in the back there.  It wasn’t.  While very similar to Uncharted, i never felt that Lara was completely safe in this game unlike Nathan Drake who you knew would survive at the end of all his games.

nathan drake

My point is that if we have censorship that controls what we can and cannot show in video games, like Nazi’s torturing Jews, hate crimes, woman getting rapped then we will never step out of the shadows of the past and no one will truly be equal because entertainment will tell us what’s right and what’s wrong.  Let’s start showing some real world violence, men get raped to you know,  Men also cry,  Not all black people speak ghetto.

We can’t all be truly equal if censorship forces us to see things a certain way.

What do you guys think?