Assassins Creed: The New Assassin (Episode 5)

AC3-FlagWell surprise, surprise, it wasn’t long after our journey to Constantinople that your parents announced yet another trip for the following year, and a whole new time period to.  Was I worried?  Not at all.  Although our relationship had started to crack, I had faith in your parents ability and as all relationships go, a change can go a long way to revitalizing the love between partners or so I thought. Continue reading

Assassins Creed 3: The Journey Begins

Well fellow Assassins, we are here.  We are together again after a brief period of peace.  Our adventures have not being for the faint of heart.  We’ve slit throats, punctured lungs, cracked skulls, severed arteries and have more than our fair share of fresh blood on our hands. Yet I find that more and more people are joining our cause.  Shedding their fear, and standing up for truth.  We’ve travelled to such beautiful places, met so many people that have affected our lives greatly.  But sadly, that beauty is an illusion over shadowed by a bright crimson blood.  As you all know, The Templars are on the verge of succeeding in their plan for world domination.  Their satellite launches on 21 December 2012 but that’s the least of our worries.  A terrible event is unfolding as we all harness our skills for the coming battle but if we’re not careful, there may not be a world left to save. According to Desmond a global disaster of epic proportions is already in motion.  He’s the only who can save us now.

We’ve stood with Desmond every step of the way.  We’ve watched him grow from just a barman to being one of the finest warriors we have ever had the fortune of knowing.  We’ve witnessed some of history’s finest assassins thanks to Desmond and the animus.  If not for him I doubt we would have been able to come so far.  We just have a little bit further to go.  Sadly we’ve also had our fair share of pain. Some of us here still feel the wound over Lucy’s death. We’ve spent nights trying to figure out how she could have done that to Desmond.   I can only imagine how Desmond feels. But we cannot dwell on these emotions.  I urge each and every one of you to focus on your mission.  Desmond will need all the help that we can give him.

And so tomorrow I will be accompanying Desmond again as he relives yet another life from a Mohawk tribe member named Connor in the year 1773.  We shall be exploring the frontier, early America and life under British rule.  Yes, we will be witnessing events that lead to the American Revolution.  We hope to uncover more information as time is running short.  We will uphold the tenants of our creed even in this age of history.  This is a daring part of our strategy if we are to succeed in our mission against Abstergo.  I dare not wonder what will happen if we fail, there is so much at stake.

Time is short, I must go assassins. We must stand together, unite behind Desmond and may each ounce of blood we draw come from the blood of The Templars. May you all have a safe journey and come back in one piece.  Honour our creed and remember that nothing is true and everything is permitted.

Attached is footage from the animus showing what we can expect from this era.

Peace be with you my brothers.

Assassins Creed 3

A lot of rumors and speculation were circulating around the location of the next Assassins Creed title but earlier this week Game Informer put all of that to rest by leaking art work of the upcoming game.  Assassins Creed 3 WILL BE set during the American Revolution and the main protagonist will be a guy named Connor who had an English father and a Native American mother.  According to Game Informer the opening sequence will see you play as Connor during his childhood on the American frontier as he’s raised by a Native American tribe called The Mohawk.  The whites eventually clash with the tribe and burn down Connors village and it’s in that experience of our new hero that he dedicates himself to fighting injustice, tyranny and the templar order.  (How he finds out about the Templars is yet to be revealed.)   The game will be set between 1753 and 1783 and will have Connor running around the cities of Boston and New York.

A few people who have been confirmed to be in the game play a huge roll during this historical event with characters such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and a guy named Charles Lee, (I’ve done a bit of research and I can’t figure out who Charles Lee is???) (Where is Thomas Jefferson?  Wasn’t he a main player during the American Revolution?)

Ubisoft is definitely pulling out the stops as they have completely revamped the Anvil game engine to support a much broader spectrum of level designs.  You will be able to see a thousand man bloody battle during certain levels of the game (the previous assassins creed games could only handle up to 100 men) AND taking a note out of Naughty Dog’s instruction manual, their scenes in the game are completely acted out and recorded while the actors wear those skin tight suit’s with the motion capture devices attached in order to achieve a more realistic angle.  The combat system has also been upgraded with a brand spanking new arsenal to go with our new assassin.  There will be nothing familiar from the previous games except maybe the hidden blade (which I’m still waiting to see a picture of) and of course kill streaks.

The game play is slightly different from the previous games.  Connor will be able to climb trees, cliffs, hunt for resources, jump over wagons and slide under obstacles.  (A very interesting change to the formula) and you can use human shields.  Seasons will also change from summer to winter in which the lakes will freeze over and, snow will be falling etc, etc and all this will test your skills as an assassin as you hunt your prey.   There will be no more tower defense (YAY!!!) and an upgraded notoriety system.

There will also be more of the first person perspective block levels but Ubisoft is yet to release any more details regarding it.

This game has been three years in the making and has double the production capacity and budget when compared to revelations.

Although a new time period is obviously welcome I can’t help but wonder if we are ever going to be able to play as Desmond as a full fledged assassin.  It seems like everything is going into his ancestors, which is awesome, but still, four games in the making and we’ve only ever officially played as skilled Desmond twice in the series.

The other thing that does concern me though is the release date.  The game is set to come out on October 30 2012.  Two months from the “end of the world” story line.  If Ubisoft is focusing on yet another of Desmond’s ancestors, will there be time to play as Desmond to save the world or will be just a few quick levels and “oh, I just saved the world”.  If they are going to incorporate more levels for Desmond will it perhaps come down as a DLC after the games release in order to push up sales for a new DLC download which might tie in perfectly before 24 December 2012?  It would be a great way for Ubisoft to milk the franchise especially for the hard core Assassin fans (like myself) that will be waiting up late in order to download the DLC before we all meet our end.

Only time will tell I guess but until then, a new Assassin is emerging out of history and a new era is dawning on the horizon.

And just to wet your appetite even more, I present to you the official Assassins Creed 3 trailer…. enjoy fellow Assassins