Batman Arkham City: A Journey (Part 5) – Harley Quinn’s Revenge

harley quinns revengeHarley Quinn’s Revenge was the last DLC pack to be released for Batman:  Arkham City and expands on the story following the events of the single player campaign.  In order to complete Batman:  Arkham City to 100% i had to finish this DLC as well.

On the home stretch baby….

The trophies in this DLC are no where near as hard as one might expect. I was able to obtain everything within an hour and a half of starting this DLC.  There are three silver trophies and seven bronze to collect.

Story Mode Trophies:  These are trophies that you will get just for simply playing the game and completing objectives so no real thought is necessary for this list.  

Lost Property                     (Bronze)

Breaking and Entering       (Bronze)

Hows it Hanging?              (Silver)

The Last Laugh.                (Silver)

OK, now we get to the nitty gritty of it all.  The rest of the trophies are this.  I will list them out and underneath each one i will tell you what I did in order to obtain these.

Frequent Flyer:  Zip Kick five different thugs (Bronze) (as Robin)

This is not hard at all.  I read so many other guides after I got this trophy and people were giving tips that the best place to do this is at a certain part in a stage.  I’m here to say bull shit.  You don’t have to do that.  When you start to play as Robin Just Zip Kick every enemy you see except not the armored ones and this trophy will unlock eventually.  I got this within fifteen minutes of playing.  So not difficult.

Battering Ram:  Shield Bash five different thugs (Bronze) (as Robin)

Again, not hard at all.  I used exactly the same strategy as i used for Frequent Flyer.  After i received the Frequent Flyer trophy, i then proceeded to Shield Bash every enemy I could except for the armored ones.  It’s as easy as that.

Snap to it:  Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object and a Titan (Bronze) (as Robin)

As the description states you need to snap flash the different types of enemies listed above in order to unlock this trophy.  Exceptionally easy.  You don’t have to have a combo built up or anything.  The environmental object sounds confusing but it really isn’t .  There is a part where you have to take out a sniper.  At this section of the game there are bunch of hooks on a belt that are moving behind that sniper.  Place a snap flash on one of the hooks and then detonate it.  Alternatively you can wait until you get to the section where you have to take out Harley Quinn in a predator type scenario.  There is a hook just over a balcony where Harley will eventually get to.  You can also place a snap flash there.   It doesn’t have to take any enemy out.  Snap flash the Titan in the final battle with Robin and you’ve got your bronze.

Bomb Squad:  Defuse all bombs in three minutes or less (Bronze) (as Batman)

It’s an easy trophy but the execution might be tough.  One you play as Batman again you will have to disarm three bombs that are scattered around the level.  I found this to be the most challenging of them all mainly because it doesn’t give you exact coordinates of the bombs.  Just like in the single player campaign when it came to following signals, you would have to follow the signal and run around the stage.   There will be a HUD on the right of the screen to tell you how far or close you are to the bomb in the general vicinity.

A Few New Tricks:  Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn’s Revenge (Bronze) (as Robin)

Also a very easy trophy.  Just use the five different quick fire gadgets in one fight and you’re golden….err, Bronze.  No where near as difficult as it was for the similar Batman trophy.

Party’s Over:  Destroy all Harley Balloons (Bronze) (as Robin and Batman)

This was the most tedious, just like it was when you had to destroy the Tyger security cameras in the single player campaign.  Harley’s balloons are scattered outside the steel mill as well as inside.  So keep your eyes open.  There are 30 balloons in total to destroy.

The DLC as a whole is a little underwhelming and didn’t have the greatest ending but it was still fun to play none the less.

That’s it.  After everything i finally have my 100% completion.  Thanks for sticking with me through this five part series.  I hope you had as much fun reading it as i did writing it.  In case you missed it you can catch up on the full adventure by checking out the other parts to this series.

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Batman Arkham City: A Journey (Part 4) – Campaign Nightwing

nightwing main

It really has been a long couple of weeks, playing campaign after campaign, after campaign.  I’ll be honest I’m tired and trying to get one hundred percent completion.  Boy oh boy is Batman Arkham City taking its toll but I’m so close, I’m almost there…

Nightwing, while he looks cool just seems to lack anything that’s actually worthy of mentioning.  His gadgets are no where near as impressive as Batman’s or Robin’s all though in the same breath it does have its uses.  I found Nightwing to be rather limited despite him having more gadgets than Catwoman.

nightwing campaign

You’re strategies have to change quite a bit with Nightwing as he has no cape so he cannot glide which at first threw me off.  I ended up jumping straight into a henchman on my first play-through with him.

The objectives that Nightwing has are sometimes tricky to pull of yet to be honest i found myself zooming through the combat and predator maps at an alarming rate.  One objective comes to mind which isn’t difficult but you have to be precise.  Knock a henchman off of a ledge or walkway using you’re electrical blast.”  You’re positioning and timing has to be perfect to pull this off without error, however not as challenging as aiming for the head using your wrist dart.  That gadget has no auto aim and it moves around which makes it realistic and when playing through the campaign, if you don’t hit your mark the first time you need to change you’re strategy on the fly to adapt.


At the end of the day i was able to get through Nightwing’s campaigns rather quickly with a few hiccups along the way.  I’m currently at ninety two percent complete.

Nearly there….

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Transitioning from Catwoman to Robin was extremely daunting at first.  On first impression I did not like how Robin moved, or some of the gadgets that he had, however once I started to figure out his combat strategies I quickly became rather attached.

He has a multitude of innovative objectives such as “take down two Henchmen with two separate walls”.  While honestly at first I was so annoyed because I could not figure out how to do it, I eventually started to see patterns emerging and managed to blow away two baddies.  While I should have already started seeing patterns from playing with Batman and Catwoman, I guess I just really didn’t notice it until I was Robin. When you complete a certain objective with Robin, it is immensely rewarding because of the planning and strategy that goes into it.  It’s not like Catwoman’s “hit three armed guards” objective which was rather irritating.

Robin has gadgets similar to Batman in every sense.  He has Shurikens which is an exact copy of the Batarang, Remote Shurikens, Smoke Pellets.   He has Zip-Kick which is similar to the Bat-Claw except you fly towards your enemy at an exponential rate to kick him.  He is also armed with Explosive Gel just like batman but there are two gadgets that really take the cake and escalate Robin to a whole new level of awesome.


The snap flash gadget is a bomb that you place on a Henchman which explodes and then stuns the enemy.  You can use this gadget rather quickly by mastering the short cuts keys and immediately stunning an enemy with the snap flash.  But not only can it stun one enemy, you can stun (the most I stunned was five) nearly everyone if you get them all to one guard.  In the map End of the Line (Extreme), one of your objectives is to stun three enemies with one snap flash or something along those lines.  I tell you, placing that snap flash on an enemy, taking him down when no ones looking, running to safety, watching these goons all surround this one body and then…….BOOM! Five enemies just go flying.  It really is something.

robin shield

The other awesome gadget is Robins shield.  Not only does it look cool, it works.  When you use the shield you can withstand a limited amount of damage being fired from the front but obviously not from the sides or back.  This really gives you a bit of breathing room when it comes to tight quarter combat and you need a few seconds to think.  But the Shield isn’t just there to protect you.  You can also use Shield Bash, to knock enemies away.  If there happens to be a ledge right behind them then that’s even more rewarding.

I actually had a blast with Robin, it was clever and fun and I feel that every super hero now needs a shield.

Here is a video showing off one of the campaigns.  I do not own this video but it did help me out a lot so thanks to The1stChubasa for uploading it.

To think I did all this just for one little trophy….My wife is questioning my sanity.

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Batman Arkham City: A Journey (Part 1) – Platinum


With the upcoming release of Batman:  Arkham Origins just two months away I felt the need to complete Arkham Asylum and Arkham City to 100% in order to obtain the trophy that only the most hard core of collectors and die-hard fans wish to achieve…the platinum trophy.  To undertake this task is not for the faint of heart in the slightest.  It is tedious, grinding work, but totally achievable through preservation and patience.  You only have to do like a million things and some of the things are actually relatively easy and come along with playing through the main story….nah I’m just kidding it can be seriously challenging!

The easy things are like “knock out 5 thugs with a power glide attack” and so on.  The biggest challenge the player has is completing the combat and predator maps.  Combat maps are not so tough but the predator maps…ohhh boy, was that frustratingly annoying.

Batman Arkham City Combat MapsCombat Maps – You just have to fight a group of thugs and earn huge points by stringing together your combo’s and using a variation of your fighting skills including gadgets, keeping the free flow going until the end of the rounds and not taking any damage.  “Nuff said” and easy enough with a bit of patience, but the plus side is that that the combat maps are fun because well “You’re Batman” and kicking the crap out of people is always a pleasure especially after having a grueling day at work.  And then there’s the…

Batman Arkham City Predator

Predator Maps – Just saying it out loud tires me out.  The concept is actually quite simple.  You need to earn three medals in each map.  The medals are given out by completing a certain objective like “when using a silent take down use knock out smash”.  Also easy enough except it’s not.  To complete these maps you need the world of patience, strategy and at times especially with the extreme maps a lot of luck.  The challenge doesn’t just end there.  You then have to do it all over again in the Campaign Mode where you have a combination of Predator and Combat maps and only have three chances to get it right.

As you progress through these maps the challenges obviously get harder and there were times where I thought I was going to throw my ps3 controller through my TV.  Every time I failed a mission The Riddler would appear and the one line that always  grinds me is, “Well, Well, so the shaved monkey has failed.  How utterly, utterly expected.”

Always makes me want to punch him.

It’s amazing that a game that I love could piss me off so much but at the same time bring me back to try again and do better.  Then I had to complete the game on a mode called New Game + which becomes available after you complete the campaign the first time around.  In new game plus any upgrades that you made to Batman during the first play-through will  be available at the start of the game and the enemies will be tougher, faster and won’t display a “counter icon” above their heads when they’re about to attack you.  It wasn’t hard to complete though.  I was able to do it all again in eight hours.  Not a bad work day if you ask me.  You need to complete all the side missions in both play-throughs in order to get that delicious platinum.

After spending three days straight over the long weekend, and sleepless nights, I was finally at the finish line.  I completed my final side quest, which was to visit Calendar Man every public holiday in the states.  I did use the easy way to get this and the easy way takes about forty five minutes and I know some of you might be disappointed in the fact that I did this but I needed that platinum for some reason.  Disconnecting from the internet and changing the system date worked wonders.  No corruption or anything!
Calendar_Man-characterAnd after all that a distinct sound was heard.  “PING”  “You have unlocked Platinum” and the notification disappeared and I had been left alone again with Calendar Man, just staring at him.  My first thought was “Oh shit, yes I actually got it!” Followed shortly after by “Was that really worth it?”

In a way yes it was because I think that when you earn a platinum trophy it shows commitment to a developer.  It says,” You made a good game and I enjoyed grinding my teeth to complete it”.  There’s also the encouragement to get you to try new things and play the game a different way.  After playing all those predator maps as Batman and then playing the campaign again i can safely say that I am the Dark Knight .  Obviously other people just collect trophies for the challenge, or to up their level and rank.  I found it a lot deeper than that.

The problem comes in though when you want to tell someone who isn’t that much of the gaming world what you went through to accomplish this daunting task and they just stare you and you notice their eyes kind of gloss over.

After going through all that I checked my trophy stats and decided to carry on going.  I may have earned my platinum but I’m only sitting on 87% completion according to the trophies.  I still have to complete all the DLC as well and redo the challenge maps with Catwoman (Which I am currently doing), Nightwing and Robin.

This is probably the most grinding thing I have ever done or am willing to do, and why?

Well that’s easy…… I’m a gamer.