Assassins Creed: Beautiful Lies

Not being able to sleep due to health reasons, i thought i would kill time on you tube (before i have to run to the freaking bathroom again)

I remember seeing this video two years ago on You tube by a guy named hamps19 and two years later this video is still getting hits.  If you like it please comment on his page.  He really deserves it and if you really are an Assassin then like him big time.


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Online Access to Play offline games???? WTF!!!

I have been meaning to write about this for sometime now but never really got to it.

In a perfect world everybody would be making money, playing their games without downloading 3gb patches or updates, no online activation would be required,the games would be affordable and a pie and coke together would be R5.50.  (had a flash back to better days there :-()

While i don’t agree with people who obtain games and never pay for them, (I’m one of them) up to a point, we should try to understand why i think most people get these illegal copies.

I can only explain it from my side and this is in no way me saying that everybody feels like this.  It’s just why i do it.

A perfect example of this would probably be Fear 2 and Assassins Creed 2.

I am a huge fan of Fear.  I really enjoyed the first game and somehow i got a cracked version of Perseus Mandate only because none of the stores where I live had it.

So when i found out that Fear 2 was coming out, man, when i got to work I went on You tube looking for trailers, checking to see what the spec requirements would be, you guys know how it goes.  When it finally came out, I legitimately purchased this game.  A retail version of it.

I’m all excited and shit, I put the disc in the disc drive, click the auto run and at this point my palms were sweating because i was so excited to play this game.  Click next and it popped up with this message stating that you needed to have a steam account to play the game.  (WTF? Seriously?)

Fine, I install steam to try and create this account thinking it would be offline.  Sadly, that wasn’t the case.  Once you install steam you are required to update it as well.  (AGAIN, WHAT ABOUT THOSE WITH NO INTERNET ACCESS!!)  I don’t live in a country where decent internet is cheap or free. Our internet lines are slow and you only get decent speed if your get a Business Internet Connection for R3500.00.   Here in South Africa it’s really expensive, to get internet for the middle class.  You have to stop eating for at least 2 weeks to pay for it, especially for those people who don’t live with Mommy and Daddy and have to pay for everything.

So i wait till i get to work the next day, to update the Steam installation and create this offline profile.  Once that was done i thought, finally I can play this game.  Again…NO.  Before i could play the game i had to update the damn thing which i couldn’t do at work because the update was huge  and i couldn’t abuse the work’s internet.

A few weeks later i somehow  got the thing working but i didn’t enjoy the game just because it took so long to get it working that i rushed through it just to say that I played it .

I find it annoying that I have to go through so much trouble to get a game i actually paid for,  working even though I had a disc and a serial key.

The funny thing is, is that in December last year i got a cracked version of it and I laughed my ass off because it took me 15min to install, apply the patch and run.  The game worked liked a charm and still does.  I’m busy playing it at the moment…again.   I still have the original Fear 2 that i purchased which i can’t seem to get working.

(Now ask my why i get the cracked version of some games before i purchase the originals?)

A.  I want to make sure that a game is decent enough to buy before i fork over my hard earned cash

B.  I want to see if it requires any online crap that might be needed to play offline single player

C.  I want to make sure that the game doesn’t need to update itself, in order to fix bugs I suppose.  That’s why you have game testers.  To test the game before release to fix the bugs.  Please hire me as a game tester and i will tell you where all the flaws are.

Same thing applies to Assassins Creed 2.  Why on earth would they want you to connect online to play the game in single player.  I bought that game as well and luckily found an offline server patch that fooled the DRM into thinking it was online.  I shouldn’t have had to do that.

If i purchase a game, get a disc and a key, that should be enough.  I’m even OK with connecting to the internet to validate my game copy but it should end there.

I totally understand why they do it but they drastically need to change their system because all it does is piss the legitimate consumer off.

I’m one of those guys that will get a cracked version of the game, play it and if i like it, I WILL BUY IT(I NEVER USED TO BE LIKE THAT.)  I used to buy the game, install and play.  Thank God i never paid for Battlefield: Los Angeles because that was a piece of shit.  (READ MY GAMING REVIEW TO FIND OUT WHY)

It’s like Bulletstorm.  The same thing happened with that game where you have to install windows live, update windows live, create the offline account blah blah blah.

I’m grateful that Assassins Creed Brotherhood was offline single player at least.

Anyway that’s just my opinion.

What do you guys think?

Thanks to toonpool for the image.  They’ve got some pretty good pics on there 🙂