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When I sat down to start writing this post, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. A few sentences in and it sounded like I was giving a history lesson on the Spider-Man franchise. That’s not what I want to do but it tends to happen with an article like this because there is just so much history-at a personal level and online-that one could use in this type of article. My goal is not to give you a history lesson. I’m guessing that you came here because you already know the history of Spider-Man. From the insane amount of comics available, to the toys;the posters;the movies;the shows; the games and anything else you could really shake a web at. Continue reading

How To: Record Gameplay with Local Party Chat using Playstation 4 Controllers

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Hello and welcome to How To! There are times where I figure out how to do so many random things during the day that I started to think I should really start writing them down. No matter how mundane or even if everyone already knows, these guides are supposed to be completely idiot proof. I call them idiot proof because I’m an idiot and cannot follow instructions so then in essence I make guides that even an idiot can follow. No disrespect to any idiots out there but you should really just own it bro, just own it.  Continue reading

Playstation 4 Revealed

PS4 Coming Holiday 2013It has been weeks of rumors, leaks, and everything else in between but we finally have our answer.  Playstation 4 is here.  Hello Next Gen, we’ve been waiting for you.

Living in South Africa, in a completely different time zone it seems to everyone else, the Sony Conference only started at 01:00 and finished at 03:00 African time.

What was revealed of the Playstation 4’s hardware capabilities is certainly an accomplishment from Sony’s side although to me not as impressive as i thought.  Sporting  the X86 CPU, 8GB of Ram and a hard drive.  Hard drive size was not revealed but I can’t imagine it being any different from what we currently have, just bigger.  It uses APU Technology…..but I don’t know what that means but I’m sure its good and GDDR 5 memory which according to Mark Cerny is reserved for, “top of the line, high end graphics cards.

The fundamentals of PS4 seem to be focused more on the social side of things.  Instead of using “Gamer Tags” players will have to use their own names so they can find their friends, and share content easily.  It will also have remote play enabled and in the demo that I saw you can seamlessly switch from playing a PS4 game on your console to playing it on your PS Vita.

There are major improvements made over the PS3 which I am looking forward to the most, such as being able to capture your game-play and upload it immediately to share with your friends, live stream your game so that your friends can watch what game your playing as well as allowing your friends to take control of your game from their Playstation 4 to assist you out of a difficult section of a game that you can’t seem to get past.  That sounds pretty cool and I’m keen to see it in action.

The other thing that tickled my fancy is the way Gaikai has been integrated with the Playstation 4.  The cloud based service is a massive and openly welcomed addition which will allow gamers to download and test games for free before buying them which is just awesome.

Now comes my favorite part of Gaikai.  Sony has stated that using Gaikai we will be able to play our Playstation 3 games on our PS4 via streaming from the cloud based service.  And in time we will be able to play older generation Playstation titles.  Yes, you read that correctly, if everything runs smoothly we should be able play our PS1, PS2 and our PSP on the PS4 thanks to Gaikai.  How it all works I’m really not to sure but I am very intrigued by this prospect.

The games that were show cased were very impressive graphically, Quantic Dreams “Old Man” render in particular was breathtaking.  You can see a mile away how great any and all games look on the PS4.  It is truly amazing.  The best game was Watch Dogs that looked fantastic and all i could think of was “watch out GTA5

IGN Watch Dogs PS4 Game Play Footage

All in all, I was impressed by what I saw but not blown away. Unfortunately We only got to see the Dual Shock Controller which was described by IGN pretty accurately in last weeks article and we didn’t see any console what so ever.  I’m waiting to see what Microsoft will do now that Sony has officially lifted the veil.  Sony hasn’t released any prices yet or an official date but at the end of the conference there was an image that had the PS4 logo and underneath, it said “Coming Holiday 2013“.

We’ll find out more in the coming months, probably at this years E3.

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Playstation 4 Reveal Countdown Part 4: Evolution of Playstation – Games

Logo of the PlayStation Network

Logo of the PlayStation Network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well Boys and girls, we are just a few hours away from being completely awed or completely pissed off.  I’m holding onto the former.

Sony has been releasing a few short documentary videos which highlight the Playstation’s humble beginnings to the power house it is today.  Although short, it is very interesting and don’t be afraid to let these videos hype you up for the big announcement.

Today’s video highlights the success of critically acclaimed original games that pushed the boundaries of Playstation and set the bar level for future IP’s to follow.  After watching the video i personally thought they left a few games that at least deserved to be mentioned like, Uncharted but then i thought while Uncharted was fantastic it wasn’t original.  The games that were showcased in this video were innovative and not the norm especially the Unfinished Swan and Journey.  Not forgetting Shadow Of Colossus which really tugged at heart strings.  Enjoy!

In case you forget you can tune into IGN at 14:00 pacific time or00:00 GMT,  one hour before the event to discuss what might be coming where they’ll have an open live stream so that the folks who can’t get to New York will be able to catch the news as it happens.   At 15:00 pacific time or 01:00 GMT the event begins.  Buckle up people, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

IGN Playstation 4 Live Streaming

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Playstation 4 Revealed

Playstation 4 Reveal Countdown Part 3: The Evolution of Playstation – Portable Gaming


Ps_Vita_logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fourth installment of Sony‘s Evolution of Playstation is here.  It documents the success of PSP and the growing success of PS Vita.  Having only acquired a PSP recently, i must admit, the PSP hasn’t exactly blown my hair back but i guess I picked it up to late to really marvel at it during the PS2 saga.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my PSP.  I have a range of titles that I am able to play and it helps pass the time when I’m out and about.  Without it I would probably go stir crazy but i would eventually get over it.

Tomorrow the PS4 is set to be announced in New York and so far all these videos have tickled drool mode and have built up major hype.  I for one cannot wait to see the event.

For those of us in South Africa, we can catch the event thanks to IGN with  live streaming that’s supposed to start an hour before the conference.    By what i worked out we should be able to tune in to IGN hopefully at 00:00 am on Thursday 21st 2013.  Holding thumbs!

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Playstation 4 Revealed