Was Thor Being Fat Shamed?

So in this post, I will be talking about Lebowski Thor from Avengers End Game. While some of you who have seen the movie may be a little offended by some of the “fat jokes” that were thrown at him and the “movie makes fun of mental health part.” I’m here to explain some context of what I believe the situation is among the Avengers. This post will contain some spoilers.

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Avengers End Game Seems To break Future MCU Quality


Off the bat, this is not a review and there will be no spoilers. You have my word. This is just my first impressions of the movie. Disclaimer, I am a Marvel Fan and have thoroughly enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Movies since its introduction with Iron Man. This is just one fan’s opinion at the time of writing.

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Avengers End Game Makes Me Feel Old

(courtesy of Marvel Studios)

Look at the feature picture! That is a brilliant and simple poster. It’s powerful and reminds you of how far these characters have come and grown as a team and independently. I love it. I came across this as I was about to hit the post button and I thought, “well that’s going in.” Continue reading “Avengers End Game Makes Me Feel Old”

We Love You Stan!!! – Geek Tweets

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Venom Trailer #2 Thoughts and Theories


Good Evening you lovely people!

We finally got some equipment, not the best and we have started to record more videos on our youtube channel. So if you’d like to see a couple of noobs in the podcast making, check out our video on the second trailer of Venom below!

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