I Can’t Fail Again

Don’t be so hard on yourself,” they say, (they, meaning the psychiatrists and psychologists)¬†when you fail or don’t get things right, but, having to constantly deal with the deterioration of your mind, having very real things happening up there that warrant expected failures. How can you not be hard on yourself when life always is?

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I am an Insecure Mess #25

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the last couple of posts have been relatively positive but last night that changed. Continue reading “I am an Insecure Mess #25”

That is Life #9 27/03/2018

It was the start of a new week and a fresh set of problems. Actually, Monday wasn’t that bad. I got through my calls, made time to go to the bank and managed to get a loan of R20 000 to fix my car. I sent that through to the panel beater and I’m just going to have to be patient for now. They seem like trustworthy guys so I’m going on faith in humanity that this guy is going to do good, honest and reliable work and have my car back to me at the agreed upon time. He said three weeks. I’ve started the countdown. Continue reading “That is Life #9 27/03/2018”

Not A Bad Day #7 23/03/2018

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Well, it’s finally one week ago that I had my accident. I’ve been dreading Friday. Having to drive the same road to my maintenance client. I was nervous and anxious. I used breathing techniques and managed to compose myself. It’s occurred to me now that I’ve actually had two accidents at the exact same place. The first time was eight years ago. The exact same place. I always felt that was a cursed road. Anyway, I got to my client which is eighty kilometers out-of-town and managed the whole way without so much as a panic attack so big win for me. Continue reading “Not A Bad Day #7 23/03/2018”