Welcome to the Gamers Sphere

gamerssphereYou know it’s funny.  I remember starting my original blog http://www.vitosal.wordpress.com a few years ago.  I had no idea what the hell I wanted to talk about.  I would write about current events, movies, series, games, anything that really tickled my fancy.  The reason why I wanted to even start a blog was because I was depressed and couldn’t express myself.  I was going to use it as a form of therapy hence the name “Gamers Therapy” which is a name I only thought of after I started blogging.  As time went on, I started finding what I wanted to talk about and I experimented with a few ideas.  The only thing I could really find myself talking about was gaming.  I used to be a casual gamer but since I got my PS3, things have drastically changed.  I found myself completely shocked and awed by how far gaming has come since the early PS2 days and still I kick myself for getting off the train just when things were starting to get even more exciting.  Coming back to this world has been great therapy for me and I’ve met such wonderful people.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the best blogger nor the best writer or the most disciplined person.  There was a time where months would go by where I hadn’t posted a single thing.  I got despondent over my views and every article I wrote just didn’t seem to get anywhere.

Eventually I decided to create a new blog moving everything over from Vitosal to Gamers Therapy.  When this happened, I had more of a direction that I wanted my blog to head in.  I wanted it to be the next IGN.  Big dreams, right?  I wrote a few reviews, a couple of articles but my timing was off and I had no idea how much of handful my newborn at the time was going to be.  There was just no time for anything!  It was baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, sleep, baby, baby, baby, baby, eat,baby, baby, baby sleep.  It was exhausting.  The reason I say my timing was off was because I created Gamers Therapy at the time my daughter was born.  So I just didn’t blog for months!

When Paige (my daughter) was 10 months old, my wife and I had a streak of bad luck that really got us down.  I needed to blog.  So I hopped on my computer and just started writing.  I can’t remember what I wrote but I felt better and then the next week I wrote again and the week after and the week after playing around with various ideas and narrative driven articles, editorials and such.

During this process I had found a system of when I could blog, play video games and hang out with my family and without even trying I had made quite a handful of viewers and met some great people on WordPress.  I remember meeting Drakulus who was rather upset with me because I had linked my article to his.  As a man he felt the need to defend his honor and went off at me in the comments of my article, I responded with an explanation.  After a one comment stand-off and a misunderstanding, apologies were exchanged and we became friends.  It’s a rather profound moment for me because usually when I argue with someone over the internet I have a tendency to ignore them.  Not so with Drakulus.  He just always gets in your face and I love him for that.

I’m getting to my point soon.  I was lucky enough to meet lots of talented people who I could definitely learn from here on WordPress and still am learning from.  Then John Heatz came into my world.  I remember Drakulus first mentioning his site to me and I thought nothing of it.  After all, usually people have certain ideas and dreams but never really put the effort into making them a reality.  John Heatz emailed me asking to join a team of exceptionally talented bloggers and although nervous I agreed and so far it has been one hell of an experience for me.

I’ve realized now, where my strengths are, what I enjoy doing and in a few short months I’ve grown a lot more confident, even now currently organizing a podcast.  But John Heatz has a dream.  A dream that many of us like-minded gamers have.  But the difference between those guys and us here at John Heatz is we’re doing something about it.  All credit goes to John here, he has been pulling magic out of his ass.  We (the team) came up with a few game names and after a bit of pitching around we found one titled Gamers Sphere.  John has out of his own pocket bought the domain and while writing this article is probably working on the new site as all new sites have teething problems.

John is following his dream, and I’m so ecstatically happy that I have been given an opportunity to follow my dream with him.

So in the next week or two I’d like you faithful followers who read my content here and at John Heatz every week to please support us at our new site www.gamerssphere.com.  We would hate to lose any followers.  With a whole new design, the freedom to operate and John’s Guru like technical prowess, the sky really is the limit.  Over at Gamers Sphere you can still read our reviews, news, previews but in the coming months we will have new content that should tickle everyone’s taste buds including our first podcast.  The site is still being worked on so please don’t be discouraged if you run into an error, rest assured it will be corrected.  Future updates on the site, and when it is fully operational will be updated on this article.

So please spread the word and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to email me at gamerstherapy@gmail.com or tweet @gamerstherapy or just leave a comment here.

Till Next Time,