I Can’t Fail Again

Don’t be so hard on yourself,” they say, (they, meaning the psychiatrists and psychologistswhen you fail or don’t get things right, but, having to constantly deal with the deterioration of your mind, having very real things happening up there that warrant expected failures. How can you not be hard on yourself when life always is?

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Gamers Therapy is Taking the Risk #19

gamers therapy taking the risk.png

I had an interesting surge of feelings the last couple of days and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what stirred it up. Every time I try to locate the source I realize it’s not just one but a series of different things within myself that have caused this jump into something I never thought I would do.  Continue reading “Gamers Therapy is Taking the Risk #19”

Dark Men #13 04/04/2018 (Update)

*Update 11/04/2018

(The wonderful artist Andrew Paciorek emailed me back with another picture I could potentially use. This depiction is much closer to Lloyd’s description minus the fangs and I wanted to update the article accordingly and republish this post with the new image. This picture is fantastically drawn, it’s haunting but I am going to leave the original image I came across as well)

©Andy Paciorek
©Andy Paciorek

(The Artwork for “Dark Men” which is the featured image I used came from a pretty interesting site named Strange Lands. There is original and beautifully hand drawn artwork by Andrew Paciorek there so please check it out. It has do with demons, goblins and the like. I chose “Dark Men” specifically for the description of the entity, not the general look as I can’t really describe in detail the physical attributes that Lloyd has. All credit goes to Andrew and Strange Lands. )

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