Assassins Creed 3: Liberation Update

Well, its confirmed that Assassins Creed 3:  Liberation will be released along side Assassins Creed 3 on October 30, 2012.

The only thing i know is that one of the locations will be set in New Orleans and that Alvine and Connor’s paths will cross.




Assassins Creed 3: New Cinematic Trailer

Not much to add folks, but this is one of the best AC trailers I have ever seen. The animation and CG is beautiful and it really gives a depth as to what can be accomplished with the right amount of talent.  Not to mention seeing a guy shoot an arrow in slow motion after he’s jumped over a few Red Coats.  (How is that not stylish) 🙂

Assassin Creed 3: Game Play Demo at E3

N.b.  If you start drooling or have frothing of the mouth, or your mind gets blown away, don’t be alarmed, I think it’s normal.

Oh Wow.  There are so many and too little words that I could use to describe how utterly fantastic this game is going to be.  Granted I am biased.  I am on of the biggest Assassins Creed fans out there but still as a gamer who loves new technology this is a fantastic combination of the two.

Yesterday at E3 Ubisoft released for the first time, the game play demo and boy, does it look great.  Connor looks right at home from traversing the frontier to battling Red Coats, jumping and swinging from tree top to tree top and kicking the crap out of anybody that looks for trouble.  The animations are all new, super sleek and it looks oh… so pretty.

You get to see Connor hunting, defending himself against wolves and going all “Arnie” on baddies.  From the footage, accepting new quests seems very easy as there seems to be no option to accept one.  It looks like it just automatically updates your objectives as a quest becomes available, which is quiet a nice addition.

Best part for me though, hats off is the combat.

While in a tree, surveying the area, a bunch of Red Coats happen to be patrolling nearby.  Connor uses his Rope Dart on a Red Coat at the back of the group. Red Coat soldier goes up as Connor descends to the snowy terrain below.  The other soldiers turn around while Connor battles a soldier with his trusty Tomahawk.   As he duals,  the rest of the Red Coats draw their weapons and prepare to fire.  In an instant Connor has his opponent in a grip and uses him a as a human shield as the rest of his comrades open fire on him.  The soldier slumps to the ground.  Connor prepares to battle the leftovers”.

Keep in my mind this is all happening rather quickly but just by watching it you already feel powerful.

Other additions that I took note of was that while sprinting you can take down opponents much more quickly.  Stab them and then chuck them aside.  Horse riding is also back so I’m expecting a few race challenges which means, Yay!

I could go on and on describing this to you but maybe you should just see for yourself.

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