Batman Arkham City: A Journey (Part 4) – Campaign Nightwing

nightwing main

It really has been a long couple of weeks, playing campaign after campaign, after campaign.  I’ll be honest I’m tired and trying to get one hundred percent completion.  Boy oh boy is Batman Arkham City taking its toll but I’m so close, I’m almost there…

Nightwing, while he looks cool just seems to lack anything that’s actually worthy of mentioning.  His gadgets are no where near as impressive as Batman’s or Robin’s all though in the same breath it does have its uses.  I found Nightwing to be rather limited despite him having more gadgets than Catwoman.

nightwing campaign

You’re strategies have to change quite a bit with Nightwing as he has no cape so he cannot glide which at first threw me off.  I ended up jumping straight into a henchman on my first play-through with him.

The objectives that Nightwing has are sometimes tricky to pull of yet to be honest i found myself zooming through the combat and predator maps at an alarming rate.  One objective comes to mind which isn’t difficult but you have to be precise.  Knock a henchman off of a ledge or walkway using you’re electrical blast.”  You’re positioning and timing has to be perfect to pull this off without error, however not as challenging as aiming for the head using your wrist dart.  That gadget has no auto aim and it moves around which makes it realistic and when playing through the campaign, if you don’t hit your mark the first time you need to change you’re strategy on the fly to adapt.


At the end of the day i was able to get through Nightwing’s campaigns rather quickly with a few hiccups along the way.  I’m currently at ninety two percent complete.

Nearly there….

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Transitioning from Catwoman to Robin was extremely daunting at first.  On first impression I did not like how Robin moved, or some of the gadgets that he had, however once I started to figure out his combat strategies I quickly became rather attached.

He has a multitude of innovative objectives such as “take down two Henchmen with two separate walls”.  While honestly at first I was so annoyed because I could not figure out how to do it, I eventually started to see patterns emerging and managed to blow away two baddies.  While I should have already started seeing patterns from playing with Batman and Catwoman, I guess I just really didn’t notice it until I was Robin. When you complete a certain objective with Robin, it is immensely rewarding because of the planning and strategy that goes into it.  It’s not like Catwoman’s “hit three armed guards” objective which was rather irritating.

Robin has gadgets similar to Batman in every sense.  He has Shurikens which is an exact copy of the Batarang, Remote Shurikens, Smoke Pellets.   He has Zip-Kick which is similar to the Bat-Claw except you fly towards your enemy at an exponential rate to kick him.  He is also armed with Explosive Gel just like batman but there are two gadgets that really take the cake and escalate Robin to a whole new level of awesome.


The snap flash gadget is a bomb that you place on a Henchman which explodes and then stuns the enemy.  You can use this gadget rather quickly by mastering the short cuts keys and immediately stunning an enemy with the snap flash.  But not only can it stun one enemy, you can stun (the most I stunned was five) nearly everyone if you get them all to one guard.  In the map End of the Line (Extreme), one of your objectives is to stun three enemies with one snap flash or something along those lines.  I tell you, placing that snap flash on an enemy, taking him down when no ones looking, running to safety, watching these goons all surround this one body and then…….BOOM! Five enemies just go flying.  It really is something.

robin shield

The other awesome gadget is Robins shield.  Not only does it look cool, it works.  When you use the shield you can withstand a limited amount of damage being fired from the front but obviously not from the sides or back.  This really gives you a bit of breathing room when it comes to tight quarter combat and you need a few seconds to think.  But the Shield isn’t just there to protect you.  You can also use Shield Bash, to knock enemies away.  If there happens to be a ledge right behind them then that’s even more rewarding.

I actually had a blast with Robin, it was clever and fun and I feel that every super hero now needs a shield.

Here is a video showing off one of the campaigns.  I do not own this video but it did help me out a lot so thanks to The1stChubasa for uploading it.

To think I did all this just for one little trophy….My wife is questioning my sanity.

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Catwoman main

Just over a week has gone by since my post about getting the platinum trophy and my desire to continue my quest for one hundred percent completion in Batman:  Arkham City.

As Batman, I was slightly slow but fierce with an arsenal of gadgets at my disposal.  My trusty utility belt has never come in handy quite so often as it did in the campaign modes.

But as Catwoman, geez…she is rather limited and exceptionally frustrating.  With only three gadgets tucked somewhere in her leather skin tighties this was a challenge that I am glad is over.

Only having three weapons from your inventory really raises the stakes.  You have caltrops, your whip and bolas (like Batmans batarangs only insignificant).  I’m not trying to sell her short in anyway….oh wait, no, yes I am.  Is she agile?  Sure.  Is she fast?  Definitely.  Then why the disdain for her?  Although she is quick and can run right up to enemies without them hearing, at the same time i found her to be extremely slow and stiff with regards to turning or changing direction.  Jumping from gargoyle to ledge was nearly impossible unless you are standing in the right spot and I’m pretty sure a water balloon could kick her ass.

Some of the more frustrating levels that i had experienced was End Of The Line (Extreme) and Top Of The World (Extreme).  

Catwoman end of the line

End Of the Line (Extreme) – In order to obtain these medals you’re timing is key.  The most challenging thing about this stage is that you have to do a double ledge take down.  So that means you have to try and get these armored guards to converge at one place.  “Well that’s easy”  It sure is.  Take down one…oh crap wait…yup there are snipers around!  So you need to take down two guys over a ledge whilst not being seen by the two, incredibly aware snipers that can easily take Catwoman apart.  “SIGH”

Here’s what you do.  First, from where you start turn left and run up the stairs.  To your right there are floor grates.  Get in one and travel under the boxes.  Take out the Armored Henchman with a take down from the floor grate for your first medal.   NOW BE QUICK!  Stylishly break through the “weak wooden wall” and run back down to where you start the level facing the end of the room.  START RUNNING!  Run through the train on the right hand side, and then carefully make your way up the stairs to the right.  Once you reach the top of the stairs, straight ahead is your sniper target.  Take him down with a silent take down.  Throw Caltrops all over his sniper ass and then crouch.  Wait until the other Armored Henchmen who have gathered at the first guard to register that a another guy is down.  As they start approaching, climb over the ledge and wait.  Once the guards get there they will trip on the caltrops.  Wait until there are two guys who are standing up again and then do your double ledge take down for your second medal.  GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!  Drop from the ledge and run your sexy legs off to the other snipers position (end of the room).  There is a square entrance right behind him that you can jump up to.  When you get up there “whip trip” the sniper and take him down for your third medal.  The rest take out at your pace.

Here is a guide on how to do it.  I did not make this video, I am not that good at these maps.

Exhausting isn’t it?

Yeah, all that there took a few tries.  🙂

catwoman top of the world

Top Of The World (Extreme) – This one can be a bitch, but with patience and timing you can pull it off.  The toughest part was getting an enemy to fall on caltrops.

The easiest method i found was this.  When you start, grapple up to the ledge.  Crouch and wait for the guard that is walking towards you to turn to the left.  As he’s walking away, quickly get a silent take down.  BE QUICK!  Throw two sets of caltrops, to your right hand side facing the open vent (Right next to the ladder that leads up to the upper platform).  Run to the vent and wait for two guards to drop down and fall on the caltrops.  With one of them down, perform a take down.  That’s your first medal.  If you’re quick enough you can perform a beat down on the second guard to receive your second medal and still have time to just make it out by going through the vent and back outside.  At this point i would suggest staying outside and using ledge take downs.  It might take longer but at least its safer.  Also be careful when trying to drop from a gargoyle to a ledge outside because occasionally Catwoman won’t register that there is a ledge to climb up to.  Safest bet is to jump from the gargoyle to the balcony and then climb over and hang.  To get your third medal take out the Armored Henchman with the jammer pack for last.

Here’s another instruction manual for you.

The rest of the challenge maps were for lack of a better word, challenging but I prevailed and why?  “Because I’m……..Catwoman?” 

Yeah, that didn’t sound right.

Check back next week for the newest installment in Batman Arkham City:  A Journey

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) A Casual Review

I remember being so excited to go and see this film.  It was going to be Epic, and legendary.  The final battle between good and evil if you will.  I booked my tickets a day in advance and because Debz and myself are cheap we brought our own popcorn and drinks with us because at our cinema’s they seriously over charge you.

We walked into the cinema, found our seats and made small talk waiting for this piece of Hollywood history to finally unfold.  Everything went dark and the Warner Brothers logo appeared, followed by DC.  I had goosebumps.

But nothing could prepare me for this.  About half an hour in i noticed that the score in the background had not changed since the film started and everyone was still talking but they were all so miserable.  forty five minutes in an action scene sprung upon us like a drunken bat in the night.  I couldn’t even describe it to you if I tried.  It was really forgetful.

This film was so………….borrrrriiiinnnnnngggggg on so many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many levels.  Not to mention it didn’t make sense or that could be because i fell asleep.  All the characters from Bruce Wayne to Bane were so uninteresting.  Everybody was so sad and pissed off that i wonder why nobody actually killed themselves on set.  Bruce Wayne is such a cry baby in this film and Cat Woman is just a waste of space.  Bane was intimidating I’ll give you that but unfortunately he lost all street cred when started speaking and sounded like a a cheap Darth Vader knock off with a broken microphone.  I couldn’t  understand anything this guy was saying.  Through out the whole movie I was forced to try and concentrate on what he was saying which is completely the opposite of what a movie should be doing for you.

Spoiler Below

How the hell did Batman get stabbed at the end? He’s  wearing the bat suit for heavens sake.  He takes out guys with guns all the time, stabbing him should not have been an option.  It doesn’t seem possible.  Then Ras al Ghuls (Not the right spelling) daughter shows up being one of the baddies, has like twenty minutes of screen time and then dies.  What the Fuck?  Why was she in there in the first place?

And then there is the end, oh god the end is such a cliche and douche ending i couldn’t believe it.  Batman should have died.

I’ve read countless good reviews for this movie and I’m in no way bashing their opinion but I don’t  see how anyone could have enjoyed this.  What did you guys see that myself and Debz didn’t?  I’m seriously asking whoever reads this to please put a comment down because I am trying to understand.

When Debz and I left we both felt violated and extremely disappointed at a supposed Christopher Nolan master piece.  Do I blame the studio?  Do i blame Chris?

I don’t even care anymore…snore