Assassin’s Creed & the Well Needed Breather

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Assassin’s Creed fan.  My god, this series has been going for what seems like a century and every year, one just gets cranked out the freshly pressed Ubisoft printer/make-a-game thingy… Right, they’re called developers. Sorry, it’s been a while.

Having said that, imagine my shock when I learned that there wouldn’t be an Assassin’s Creed title this year…Ahem…Well, no new Assassins Creed title this year.  I suppose, they don’t really need one with a remastered version of the Ezio trilogy to be released in November and the movie coming out in December. I guess that as long as there is some form of Assassin’s Creed media hitting the market, Ubisoft is happy. And of course, chumps like me will throw my wallet directly at them in order to play a title on the PS4 even though I have it on PS3 and PC. Unfortunately for me, they will return my sad wallet anyway, as there is no money in it which leaves me feeling no different because… Hey, that’s what credit is for!! (Mwahahahah)

In all seriousness though, despite the great success of Black Flag, which was due to the innovative, and refined sailing and naval warfare mechanics that was initially introduced in AC3, and the addition of underwater exploration, I think a sabbatical is a great idea. The game has been needing some time off since Assassins Creed 3. AC Rouge had a decent story (psstt…don’t tell anyone but I didn’t even know about Rouge until I saw it on the shelf on release day), and Unity and Syndicate were cool, but nothing new really came into it. I played them, I enjoyed them, hell, I even platinum-ed them, but nothing truly special ever stirred within me from playing them.

The other day over at IGN, I read that Assassins Creed and Far Cry might not come out in 2017 either. The reasons given were that Tommy François, Ubisoft VP of Editorial, wants time to polish the game and if changes need to be made, then have the time to do so. Same old shtick that gamers have been saying for years, but it’s nice that someone on team Ubi is actually implementing it now. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if either one is announced for 2017 anyway.

This is just my observation; it seems as though Ubisoft is taking a break from the gaming side of AC to concentrate on entering into other mainstream media. A new division within Ubisoft has been created specifically for books based on their most popular franchises. A new Assassin’s Creed book, titled Heresy, is set to be released next month, but due to the creation of this new division, it was written by a new author.

Ubi is analyzing everything with a fine-tooth-comb and have their fingers in every pie you can think of (mmm, pie).

They really are Abstergo.


Gamers Therapy and the Honest Blog

Hello Blogoworld,

It’s me Vitosal, I know you are used to me writing about games and haven gotten use to my once or twice a week posting of articles but hear me out, OK?  I AM FREAKING EXHAUSTED.

Currently, I’m already in bed.  It’s only 21:35 for heaven’s sake!  I feel old, spent, washed up and I still have a busy couple of days ahead of me.  Debz and I are moving house again this weekend and it’s just created a mountain of stress.  We organized a trailer, then it got cancelled, and we’re left running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

I haven’t gamed in two days either.  That’s not good, that leaves me frazzled and on edge and on top of that my cravings to smoke have returned which really, seriously irritate me considering that it’s been like, what, two months since I quit?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve had two or three re-blogged articles from Johnheatz.  In case you missed it, I’m now contributing there as well and just decided to focus on posting articles there.  Thing is the articles I did are not very interesting.  They are news bits, something you could easily just get from IGN, or anything else that’s interesting.  Am I complaining?  Nope, I’m not the best writer and I’m the first to admit it, so writing those news articles do allow me to hone my skills, but what is sort of annoying me is that it takes me forever to even write one of those articles.  Let’s see, how many words have I written here now….256 words and counting.  It’s taken me seven minutes to write 275 words now.  Writing news articles, having to re-word them, is just so tedious and boring and it takes me between 1-2 hours to make sure it’s perfect which it isn’t.

That’s the other thing.  I’m O.C.D. sort of, so when I’m posting an article over there, I’m constantly checking, and proof reading, God it’s so annoying.  The Assassins Creed 4 review that I did, that took me most of the day to write.  I’m not saying it’s  a bad thing it’s just long and tedious and I did enjoy writing that review but I need to relax when I write because Jeez, seriously, I don’t think it’s healthy to put myself under so much pressure.  I hate being a Leo, I always work to be the best, and get the limelight, even though I actually hate the limelight but my ego doesn’t it.  Arrgghh, it is so frustrating being me sometimes.

I’ve met some pretty cool people over there, like V and we both ended up having an extended talkathon over Skype the other night and it was just a really good conversation.  I miss being able to converse like that.  It’s just such a shame that everyone on the team is separated by oceans.

How the hell do professional journalists write so many articles in one day?  Debbie asked me if I’m not going to burn myself out, referencing my personality and how I strive to be better instead of pacing myself and working slowly and patiently.  I guess, I don’t want to let the team down over at John Heatz.  At the moment, I feel like a rat running around a maze, not knowing where to go, or what the protocols are, where all I want to do is write about what I feel like writing about at that particular moment.

Sigh, I’m tired.  My eyes are rolling into the back of my head.

So, this would be the first ever, true to god, honest moment that I’ve actually had with my blog or my audience.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this honest or just open and you know what the funny thing is?  I’m not even trying to write right now, my hands are possessed on the keyboard and my thoughts are just flowing out like some sort of dam that’s exploded and it feels really good.

Maybe my blog will be like what the name entails.  Therapy for gamers.  Working at the new site, allows me to write about games there, so maybe this will be my personal outlet.

I will still finish my Assassins Creed series, so don’t worry about that.

Till next timea very tired