Assassins Creed: The New Assassin (Episode 5)

AC3-FlagWell surprise, surprise, it wasn’t long after our journey to Constantinople that your parents announced yet another trip for the following year, and a whole new time period to.  Was I worried?  Not at all.  Although our relationship had started to crack, I had faith in your parents ability and as all relationships go, a change can go a long way to revitalizing the love between partners or so I thought. Continue reading


Assassins Creed: Romancing The Creed (Episode 2)

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After I had done everything that you had asked, completed every quest, collected every flag and everything else, I felt this sudden emptiness inside.  We were still together and we were still in love but like any relationship, we had to spice up our “love life” so to speak.  I quickly proceeded to check when the inevitable sequel would be released but as always, you were one step ahead of me.  A sequel was already planned for release in November 2009 and so typical of you, you had thought of everything.  You showed me beautiful HD images of Italy and Venice.  I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and the fact that it would be during the days of a festival just made it that more exciting.  However, the consoles were set to get you first so I had to wait until March 2010 before I could see how beautiful you had become.  I passed the time by trying to figure out the symbols that were painted by subject 16 and spent a lot of time on a wiki dedicated to you.  Eventually, time passed and March crawled into view.  Finally, our second Journey had begun.

It’s funny but when I picked you up at the store, I drove home slowly, unwrapped you gently, and installed you patiently.  I was always ever so gentle with you and treated you the way I felt you should be treated.  You did something though that I didn’t quite agree with.  Somewhere, among your time not spent with me, your parents had begun to dabble in the online world, met other people and had other ideas.  One of their ideas was to always be connected to the internet in order to travel to our beautiful locations.  I was immediately taken by surprise at this because at the time I had no internet connection.  How were we going to explore the arty world of Florence and Venice if I couldn’t get us online?  Well, you know that story better than I do.  I would not let such a thing as petty as the internet keep us a part.  It’s actually quite humorous, using the internet to find a way to keep us offline and explore the Renaissance era.  I found a way, by downloading a hacked piece of software that made your parents believe you were online when you weren’t.  I remember the sensation of finally getting it to work.  I spent a couple of hours trying to figure that out but it was completely worth it.  When you finally loaded up, you led me through another worm hole, my destination being another sleeker Ubisoft logo.  I waited patiently and then you showed me yet another pure white screen with Assassins Creed II, the word creed beautifully designed in red.  I let you hover for a few moments and then just as before, you reminded me of why we were together and why the wait was worth it.

1486, Venice Italy,

A festival is taking place, fireworks dance in the night sky, couples skipping across bridges.  All is well until an ominous presence in the form of a gondola comes into view.  Two men, with grim expressions looking ahead.  They both wear masks but the one is undoubtedly the master, wearing a full white mask covering his eyes and cheek bones, leaving his jaw revealed.  The other wearing a black mask that just covers the eyes.  We then see two woman making a deal with a mysterious person, who drops a pouch of coins into their hands.  Carnivale is in full swing, a barrage of fireworks lighting up the evening sky, while masked men and woman dance merrily together enjoying the freedom that such festivities bring.  The two men on the boat arrive with a group of soldiers.  As they enter, two courtesans notice them.  One of them approaches the group, and escorts the man wearing the mask that only covers the eyes away from the soldiers and into the thick of the crowd.  They both start dancing, smiles on both of them.  They both look up at the colored night sky as he spins around in a choreographed fashion.  When he finally looks down again, the courtesan has disappeared.  The man looks left and right, desperately trying to spot her.  He turns around and suddenly a hooded man appears, striking him quickly.  His vision blurs and time itself seems to have slowed down for him.  Struggling to comprehend what has just happened, the man looks though the crowd hoping to catch the eyes of the man with the white mask.  He succeeds.  As their eyes meet his left hand reaches up to hold his throat as blood trickles out over it.  The man with the black mask crumples over slowly revealing the Assassin, crouched, hidden blade revealed, ready to fight, behind him.  

The man with the white mask order his soldiers to kill him.  The Assassin leaps forward and punches one soldier, counter attacks another, steals a spear and stabs a different soldier, before finally giving a slight smirk to the soldier that was punched.  The hooded Assassin drops the spear as he chases after the man with the white mask.   The man runs frantically through the city, the Assassin not far behind.  Jumping from gondola to gondola to the side of a building, making his way up.  Keeping his target in sight the Assassin leaps from rooftop to rooftop, tiles dropping to the canal below under his feet.  The man with the white mask reaches an archway leading into a courtyard shouting orders at a group of armored soldiers who are waiting patiently.  The soldiers move up, guarding the one and only entry way, careful not to let themselves be exposed while they hide behind the walls.  The man with the white mask catches his breath and moves to the entrance. In the distance, on top of a perch, the Assassin appears and drops down to street level, dust blown away around him as he lands.  The man with the white mask starts antagonizing the Assassin, while he walks forward hidden blade drawn.  The man with the white masks then mentions the Assassin’s mother which causes him to stop walking, disarm his hidden blade.  As the taunts continue, the Assassin pulls a lever just underneath his wrist and you hear a mechanism loading.  As the man with white mask finishes his threat the Assassin extends his left arm, palm up, aiming directly at his target.  His right hand reaches over to his left wrist and then the sound of a gun shot echoes against the walls.  Pigeons scatter at the noise.  The man with the white mask falls back slowly, blood gushing out behind him covering his Templar badge in blood.

After seeing that, I knew we were going to have one hell of an adventure.  You allowed me to play as Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, an Italian nobleman who’s destiny was far greater than he would ever fathom.  I witnessed his birth and at this point I knew this was going to be something much more than what our first adventure entailed.  You immediately instilled an emotional connection just by placing me right at the beginning of this mans life.  I was with him every step of the way.  From the conspiracy against his family, to learning about the assassins, meeting Uncle Mario, and making the discovery of The Ones Who Came Before.  We shared the same emotional responses, from shock and sadness, to exhilaration and confusion and finally to accepting one’s destiny. But it wasn’t only Ezio’s character that I fell in love with, it was the whole world as well.  Through you, I was able to meet Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the great minds of our time and I got to appreciate the brother that Ezio found in him.  I got to see just how corrupt the world had become having a Templar assuming control of unimaginable power.  I didn’t know it was possible but you managed to show me how much love and care your parents truly had.  Everything was improved, the fight mechanics, the free running, the introduction of new weapons and upgraded ones like the dual blades and the pistol.  The world was absolutely gorgeous and polished to near perfection and you managed to keep me invested in the world for months, littering the map with treasure chests to loot, feathers to collect, and contracts to complete.  Not to mention the hidden glyphs embedded in the world around me.

You also allowed me to witness Desmond’s escape from Abstergo with the aide of Lucy Stillman and watch his training, taking place in what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse.  Experiencing the bleeding effect and for the first time being worried about what it might do to his Psyche.  I got to meet Shaun and Rebecca, without whom, this adventure would not have been able to take place. With the aide of Shaun, Desmond and I were able to hack glyphs and solve puzzles and hack the memories of Subject 16, revealing a disturbing revelation. Conspiracy’s aside, seeing the relationship between Desmond and Lucy grow made me feel like I was part of something wonderful despite the world gone to hell.  With everything you managed to create, the one thing that stood out, that made me pay attention was the love that went into this world.  You could see it  from the view points, hear it in the sounds of swords clashing and most importantly I could feel it with every secret discovered.

We were all a family and the bond we shared was cemented for now and forever more.

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Burden of the Creed

Ok, i know that this game has been out for a while now and a lot of sick bastards actually downloaded the game a week before its initial release which makes me mad because this series is awesome.   I only got it on the 2 December so i was getting even more excited to play this but i still had like 6 hours of work to go.  Every now and then i would sneak a peak at the box, and take a big whiff of that brand new smell that seems familiar to me with collectors editions.

SO, i raced home, parked the car, opened the gate, rushed to the computer, switched it on and the screen displayed loading windows until…….BSOD! (Blue Screen of Death)  (God damnit!)  So did some trouble shooting, reseated memory, and ran a check disk and funnily enough that worked.  Now i know that sounded really quick but the check disk ran for like 2 hours because i have a lot of hard drives and i thought i might as well check them all.

So after that, the computer finally boots up.  I put the Assassins Creed Revelations disc in the tray and allowed the computer to initialize its Autorun.  The menu popped up and i clicked install.  The installation ran for what seem liked a life time.  Finally it finished and my grey hairs started to return to the younger coloring.  I let the game patch itself and i went into offline mode.   The Assassins Creed emblem reflecting in my eyes, excitement building as i pushed enter and started a new game.

You hear subject 16  explaining to Desmond about the events that have happened and led him to this new point in his life.  I watched this video like i have watched no other, every bit of detail was important, i had to remember everything.  The cut scene ended and i finally had control of Desmond.  I pushed the “W” key on my keyboard and started to walk to….


..As i was saying, i pushed the “W” key on my keyboard and started to walk to the “synch nexus” as was instructed by Subject 16.  I walked through the gate and a blinding white….


“For f***ks sakes!”  I paused the game, and opened the door.  A middle aged woman smiled at me warmly.  “Hi Mom.”, I said with a sigh.

I totally forgot that i invited my mom to our place because my “wife” Debbie had a bought her a gift.  I did inform Mom that i would be totally unsociable on this particular night due to my plans to annihilate Byzantine Templars from Constantinople.  I kissed my Mom on the cheek and asked her to sit down while i asked Debbie to keep Mom busy.

I sat back down in my computer chair, ready to be the Assassin that Constantinople so desperately needed.

I walked through the gate and a blinding white light scarred the screen and burnt my eyes.  Another cut scene of Ezio’s Journey to Masyaf , and his battle with the Byzantine Templars.  Ezio got caught but he was far from defeated.  Leandros escorted him onto a wooden platform just outside the tower over looking Masyaf.  Placing a noose around Ezio’s neck as he removed his cowl.  Ezio had aged, that much was clear but there was still fire in the Assassin’s eyes.  As Leandros tightened the noose, Ezio swung his right elbow out at Leandros causing him to stumble back.  This was Ezio’s chance.  Ezio grabbed the extra slack of the rope that was around his neck and threw it around Leandro’s back and leapt from the platform.  With the weight of Ezio around him, Leandros was pull forward face first to the platform as Ezio plummeted to the ground below.  Ezio landed gracefully.  He looked up and started to walk away placing his cowl back over his head as if nothing had happened. 

 I was now in control of Ezio.  A “ghost” of Altair was in front of me guiding me to my next location.  I held in right mouse button, “W” and space and i started to run.  Jumping beams and scaling…

“What you doing?”, Mom asked as i was about to start the most important journey of my life.  I sighed.  “I’m playing Assassins Creed Mom.”

“Come talk to me.  I haven’t seen you in two weeks.”, she said with a smile on her face knowing that she was getting to me.  She liked to torture me when it came to things like this.

So i got up and sat on the couch rushing through conversations about the weather, my Dad, work, Marriage, my sisters, and how much we hate the government.  This went on for a about an hour.  Debbie then gave my Mom her gift.   It was one of the those double DVD cases for the price of one.  Debbie bought her Water for Elephants and Australia (which is Mom’s favorite movie at the moment).

Mom left shortly after that and i could finally play.

I became Ezio once more, and i followed  Altair, scaling the castle walls, killing soldiers and performing legendary “Leaps of Faith”.  From the leap of faith i dived into a pool of a water.  I came up for air air,up for air, air and stared across at the the, at the, across at the, across at… 

Yeah at this point the game started stuttering and glitching like a mad thing.  What i didn’t know was that i needed to download a 753mb update for the game.  I got the update the next morning and proceeded to lead the Assassins to a new victory. But it does still glitch every now and then.   I played straight through the weekend and it was totally worth it.  The game was freaking awesome besides the in between glitching.  Totally worth buying BUT not as good as Assassins Creed 2 or Brotherhood.  

I will be doing a review on Assassins Creed Revelations in the coming days

 P.s.  I have to thank Debbie for allowing me to be “Dead to her” over the weekend when all i was doing was playing Assassins Creed.   (seriously, I am so lucky to have a girl like her.  I don’t know any other gamer that has as much freedom as i do.)
Love you Babe xoxox

Assassins Creed Revelations Trailer Launch

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Assassin’s Creed Revelations (Photo credit: yum9me)

Last night i played Assassins Creed Brotherhood and helped my brother in law unlock The Da Vinci Disappearance.  Watched him play for a while then thought I would carry on with my game.  Played a few missions and by that time it was just after one in the morning.  So i got into bed and read the latest Assassins Creed book :  The Secret Crusade.  Read a few chapters and then it was 02:30am.  Decided it best to go to bed.  When i fell asleep i actually dreamt of Assassins Creed.

Now how much better to start my morning.  I’ve got my new power shirt on keeping me strong and confident, and when I put my laptop on this morning, log onto my Facebook account and what do i see as a notification?…..A new Assassins Creed video WHOO HOO, YEAH!!!

This is the official launch trailer Assassin fans and the world wide release is set and counting down as we speak.

Official launch date is:  Monday at 6pm – November 15th at 4am

Unfortunately i won’t be able to join my brotherhood as i am all the way in South Africa and our gaming stores don’t make a big deal about these things.

But here is the official launch trailer, enjoy Assassins

Assassins Creed Brotherhood (PC) A Casual Review

So I finished Assassins Creed Brotherhood a few weeks ago and honestly speaking I thinkthe second one was much better.

It still follows the story of Desmond Miles reliving his Ancestors memories by ways of the Animus.

He continues to live out the life of Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the year 1499.  Ezio returns home to the villa in Monteriggioni where he thinks that his quest for revenge is over.  The next morning however Cesare Borgia (son of Rodrigo Borgia, The Pope) attacks the villa, kills Ezio’s Beloved Uncle Mario and takes the Apple of Eden.  Ezio and his family escape to Rome where Templar HQ is pretty much situated.

There he discovers that the Assassins are failing in their fight against corruption and Ezio (being the born leader that he is) convinces the head of the Assassins that he can lead the guild into victory.

As you progress through the game you save citizens and they become part of your Brotherhood.  The main quest is obviously to find Cesare Borgia and get the Apple of Eden back.

The graphics were refined and textures were awesome.  There were new weapons you could play around with such as the crossbow which really helps if you’re trying to eliminate a target from a distance.  You also now get a parachute which Leonardo Da Vinci created.  Leap of a tall ass building and parachute safely down to earth.

The things I enjoyed most about this game though was the fact that you now can ride your horse into any town and assassinate targets from your horse.  Jump from your horse to an enemy’s horse, kill them on the horse and then steal their horse.  (Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed style :-))

When dealing with enemies you can also call on your Assassins from the brotherhood and they can do the dirty work without you worrying to much about being spotted.  Again they refined the combat system to make you more Offensive in battle rather than waiting to be attacked.  You can perform “kill streaks” and completely massacre enemies relatively quickly and with such style that you are left thinking “I am a God”. The story is still good and maintains its direction although honestly I did at times get a bit confused as to what the hell was going on.

There are a few bad points as well though.  First one being that the control of Ezio was a little bit shaky to me.  If I want to jump from a building ledge to a wall, if that wall doesn’t have perfect distance away you’ll end up just missing it and loosing a bit of health.  It was difficult to navigate the map at times because you are not sure whether you can access a section of Rome until you get there which is then bordered up by a memory block wall.

They even made getting to your view points more challenging and for what?  I couldn’t get to a view point because I hadn’t rebuilt an Aqua-duct because I didn’t have any money.  That was annoying. Oh, and I couldn’t rebuild an aqua-duct if that particular area was under Borgia control which meant you have to take out the tower first, then renovate your buildings.  I just think it was a needless thing to add.

Brotherhood as well is the first game in the Assassins Creed franchise to incorporate multiplayer but you can only play online, which sucks for the ones who enjoy playing offline lan.  The other thing that sucks for me coming from South Africa is that I actually bought this game.  I wanted the original of this to play multiplayer and even after authenticating my Uplay account it still wouldn’t accept me online.  I’m actually quiet pissed off about that.  The first game in a while that I actually pay for and I know that I need to keep up with technology and get internet, so I didn’t bitch about not having internet.  I went to a friend’s house to use his and try this multiplayer thing and all it did was say to me, “cannot connect” or “unable to log in to account”.

All in all it was fantastic game besides all the cons that it had.  I think they tried to hard to fast.

The next game to come out is Assassins Creed Revelations in which Ezio goes to Constantinople so I’m looking forward to playing that one.

Assassins Creed is still legendary 🙂

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