Batman: Arkham Origins – Patch Update V1.3 (PS3)

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Another quick update..

Warner Bros. Montreal has released another patch, V1.3 for the PS3.

I installed it last night and I must say I was quite impressed.  The most noticeable improvements are the frame rates.  They tend to drop for a few seconds (not badly, I might add) and then returns to normal.  Same can be said when exploring a part of the city that has a lot going on like lights to render, the snow, neon signs, etc, etc.  Keep in mind though that every so often the frame rates do drop but they return to normal quite quickly.

Combat also seems to have been tweaked, much of the free flow in the combat feels more like Arkham City.  I got into about fifteen fights last night and it felt more like a Batman game.  I did notice that thugs who shouldn’t be part of combat encounters are no longer a problem now (or that’s how it seemed) so maybe my rant was heard after all.   There are still a few tweaks that I think should be done and I have made my voice impossible to ignore but if I complain anymore then I might be deemed one of those guys that never appreciate anything.  Silly me for forking over R650-00 (+-$65) for a game I expected to work.

The fast travel has been improved, no longer causing the frame rate problem afterwards, but depending on how often you use the Fast Travel System you may experience audio lag and stuttering frame rates during the transition but once returning to the normal gameplay, everything returns to normal.

I must add that I have no idea what’s happening with the WiiU version, there are reported bugs, most of them identical but no official word on a patch is out for them yet.

With this patch a lot of bugs have been ironed out but unfortunately there are still quite a number of issues that needs to be addressed.

  • Some users are still battling with their corrupted save files across all platforms but the Xbox peeps seems to be having a worse time with it.

(A common link that I’ve found on the forums between the Xbox360 and the PS3 version is that on most accounts where users experience this corruption, the save file is being uploaded online.  So might I suggest that if you fall into this category, do not save to the cloud.  Disconnect from the internet, and save on the machine.)

  • Getting stuck in an elevator towards the end of the game
  • A switch not activating to allow access to the lift
  • Freezing periodically
  • Gordon not appearing on the bridge
  • Some case files are still not updating or not starting quests
  • Infinite falling when disarming bombs on the bridge

There are probably way more glitches and bugs but these are the main culprits.

(The 1.3 patch was supposed to sort the infinite falling out but it doesn’t seem like it.  I think those guys are going to have to restart their games to be honest)

Have an excellent day or evening depending on the time zone and I’ll keep you posted with any more news.



Batman Arkham City: A Journey (Part 5) – Harley Quinn’s Revenge

harley quinns revengeHarley Quinn’s Revenge was the last DLC pack to be released for Batman:  Arkham City and expands on the story following the events of the single player campaign.  In order to complete Batman:  Arkham City to 100% i had to finish this DLC as well.

On the home stretch baby….

The trophies in this DLC are no where near as hard as one might expect. I was able to obtain everything within an hour and a half of starting this DLC.  There are three silver trophies and seven bronze to collect.

Story Mode Trophies:  These are trophies that you will get just for simply playing the game and completing objectives so no real thought is necessary for this list.  

Lost Property                     (Bronze)

Breaking and Entering       (Bronze)

Hows it Hanging?              (Silver)

The Last Laugh.                (Silver)

OK, now we get to the nitty gritty of it all.  The rest of the trophies are this.  I will list them out and underneath each one i will tell you what I did in order to obtain these.

Frequent Flyer:  Zip Kick five different thugs (Bronze) (as Robin)

This is not hard at all.  I read so many other guides after I got this trophy and people were giving tips that the best place to do this is at a certain part in a stage.  I’m here to say bull shit.  You don’t have to do that.  When you start to play as Robin Just Zip Kick every enemy you see except not the armored ones and this trophy will unlock eventually.  I got this within fifteen minutes of playing.  So not difficult.

Battering Ram:  Shield Bash five different thugs (Bronze) (as Robin)

Again, not hard at all.  I used exactly the same strategy as i used for Frequent Flyer.  After i received the Frequent Flyer trophy, i then proceeded to Shield Bash every enemy I could except for the armored ones.  It’s as easy as that.

Snap to it:  Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object and a Titan (Bronze) (as Robin)

As the description states you need to snap flash the different types of enemies listed above in order to unlock this trophy.  Exceptionally easy.  You don’t have to have a combo built up or anything.  The environmental object sounds confusing but it really isn’t .  There is a part where you have to take out a sniper.  At this section of the game there are bunch of hooks on a belt that are moving behind that sniper.  Place a snap flash on one of the hooks and then detonate it.  Alternatively you can wait until you get to the section where you have to take out Harley Quinn in a predator type scenario.  There is a hook just over a balcony where Harley will eventually get to.  You can also place a snap flash there.   It doesn’t have to take any enemy out.  Snap flash the Titan in the final battle with Robin and you’ve got your bronze.

Bomb Squad:  Defuse all bombs in three minutes or less (Bronze) (as Batman)

It’s an easy trophy but the execution might be tough.  One you play as Batman again you will have to disarm three bombs that are scattered around the level.  I found this to be the most challenging of them all mainly because it doesn’t give you exact coordinates of the bombs.  Just like in the single player campaign when it came to following signals, you would have to follow the signal and run around the stage.   There will be a HUD on the right of the screen to tell you how far or close you are to the bomb in the general vicinity.

A Few New Tricks:  Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn’s Revenge (Bronze) (as Robin)

Also a very easy trophy.  Just use the five different quick fire gadgets in one fight and you’re golden….err, Bronze.  No where near as difficult as it was for the similar Batman trophy.

Party’s Over:  Destroy all Harley Balloons (Bronze) (as Robin and Batman)

This was the most tedious, just like it was when you had to destroy the Tyger security cameras in the single player campaign.  Harley’s balloons are scattered outside the steel mill as well as inside.  So keep your eyes open.  There are 30 balloons in total to destroy.

The DLC as a whole is a little underwhelming and didn’t have the greatest ending but it was still fun to play none the less.

That’s it.  After everything i finally have my 100% completion.  Thanks for sticking with me through this five part series.  I hope you had as much fun reading it as i did writing it.  In case you missed it you can catch up on the full adventure by checking out the other parts to this series.

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