Vlogging Journal #3

Just a quick update on how things are progressing. Big shout out to Randy from Riverside Ministries for your patience and warm attitude! Check out my vlog below.

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‘Till next time




Gamers Therapy Update 11/04/2018

Hello All!

As you can see I have been very proactive with the blog. Call it obsession, call it pedantic, call it whatever you will. I call it attention to detail!

I’ve been creating a single themed type of picture that I use for my journal entries to make it easier for myself so I can add some image for my posts. It’s nothing fantastic but I do like the font type and the colour.

I’ve managed to get a new Gamers Therapy Youtube channel active as well. There is still no content there yet but stay tuned ’cause on Sunday 15 Aprill 2018, myself and Greg will be testing the gameplay recording for a while to see how it comes out and hopefully our first video on YouTube will be uploaded the same day. Quality probably won’t be as good as all the other Youtubers but we got to start somewhere.

I tested the livestream service as well and that seems to work but how to actually get viewers is something else entirely. It’s also really annoying having to type in a description via the ps4 controller every time I do a live stream.

Tomorrow night I should be going over to another friends house to test some equipment for a retro video game youtube series and I may or may not have an editor…it’s hard to tell because she’s not active yet on the blog but has proofed two of my articles so far…and then I had to reproof them again because words were missing… It’s a winning system!

Oh, most importantly I have devised a schedule for myself. It’s very simple, like stupidly simply. Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s I will be posting my journal entries or something related to anxiety,depression. There is some flexibility here as there are a few topics that don’t fit with the theme so consider Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s an “anything can happen!” day but if nothing does happen then it will be my normal entries.

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I will be attempting to post something gaming or geeky related. Currently I have a really long article that I’m not sure if I should split into two parts or not as a way to give me breaks in between posts and to spread things out a bit. I’m quite happy with the article I wrote and I’m looking forward to publishing it which will probably be tomorrow night.

Generally I would like to keep the blog out of my weekends as I need breathing room. Damn anxiety! But if I happen to be playing a game and I’m by myself at home I might start an impromptu live stream or upload a video so check your twitter feed!

I’m  thinking about starting a Vlog. Seems kind of lame but people are doing it?

That’s it, I’m out!