Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition (PS3)

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John Heatz


I’m not really a big fan of fighting games, and there are only three fighting games that I have played in my whole life that has been able to capture my attention for longer than an hour.  Injustice:  Gods Among Us is one of these games but fails to truly immerse me in this awesome spectacle of super hero battles but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience I had.

The one thing that fighting games have never been able to do, is tell an interesting story.  Injustice does just that.  What would happen if Superman lost the will to protect and decided to enslave instead?  This is exactly what happens.  A story spanning two alternate universes see the mightiest of DC heroes coming together to stop this new evil Superman.  Don’t let that “evil Superman” part throw you off.  This isn’t the same thing as “Supes

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Batman: Arkham Origins – Patch Update V1.4 (PS3)

After three weeks of waiting for an update. We finally receive one that fixes..nearly nothing. Check it out at that John Heatz Dream Team site!

John Heatz

Well, it’s been three weeks since the last update has reached Batman:  Arkham Origins for the PS3.  After Warner Bros. released their apology in the first week, gamers were expecting all issues across all platforms to be resolved, sadly that wasn’t the case.

While a few, bugs and glitches have been fixed, there are still many players who cannot progress.  Some have even started new games with the 1.4 patch and have run into the exact same problems, with the “infinite falling” bug being the biggest culprit on PS3, and corrupted saves on Xbox 360.  These have been addressed, though, in this new patch and a small percentage of gamers are still experiencing those specific bugs.

Other users have bitten the bullet, deleted all game data, including their saves, and reinstalled everything from scratch even disconnecting from the internet hoping to avoid these pathetic issues.  Again, only…

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