Inner Demons – Anxiety Tips with Gamers Therapy

We all have them. Some of us have more than one and while there probably isn’t a sure-fire method to rid yourself of these inner demons, the question you might want to ask yourself is should you?

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Be With You – Anxiety Tips

Another video out of the door and I think I’m starting to find my feet with a general theme.

In this video, I urge you to be with you. I share two anxiety tips that help me in my life, help me to relax and disconnect from the world. I also show you my cheap, cheap setup and show off my favourite spot in the whole wide world!


One Tip To Reduce Anxiety #22

Do you obsess or find yourself being a little more compulsive than others? Do you like things being done a specific way and like to get things done immediately just to get them done and then when you find yourself obsessingĀ or being compulsiveĀ on a project for work, or your hobby or maybe even gaming because you’re just so pedantic and losing hours of the night only to find yourself not being as productive the next day? Well, you’re not alone.

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