Wimpy, HemingwaysMall ups their game with Nonkie the Waitron – A warm personality that eases the most anxious of minds

Did I ever tell you about Nonkie? No? Well, I guess I wouldn’t have. She has been an unknown constant in my life since my first admittance to St. Marks.
Some people might think that the constants are friends and family that they see every day that support you, however, you might be leaving out some random people that you never even thought of as you might not seem them as often.  Here is a story of Nonkie the Waitron an unknown, positive constant in my life that I have taken for granted.

Last week I found myself being very stressed out and one of the things that calms me down is writing, going to the park or colouring in. Yes, that’s right. Colouring in! It’s for adults too!✍️
I had become very despondent while job hunting, sorting out the remainder of my Edcon account and having to explain the situation to every organization can become quite tiresome and makes me feel kind of crap. Also, there was my major panic attack at the department of labour where I was applying for UIF and currently I tend to get a little panicky if there is too much movement around me.
My therapist has encouraged me on numerous occasions to do something for myself, give myself a place to breathe and relax after moments like these so that I can think more clearly. Being at Hemingways Mall though, the only place I could think of was Wimpy. I do smoke and they have a smoking section and since it was during the week not many people would be there. A semi-quiet place to have a cup of coffee and calm my thoughts. ☕️
When I got settled at Wimpy, it suddenly dawned on me that one of the people who have been a constant in my life and that have assisted in keeping me sane is a waitron by the name of Yanga Nonkie or Xama.
(That’s what she wrote down for me. Her badge said Nonkie though so I will stick to that :-) )
I met Nonkie after my first visit to St.Marks. My girlfriend and I cannot shop together so she goes to do the shopping and I go to Wimpy. That is our way.
Every single time that I have had Nonkie assisting me, I have received great service. She is polite, easy to converse with, has such a warm personality and gets to know you. She asked me why I was colouring in and due to me being an open person by nature, I explained what my illness is and she could relate and even suggested other ideas. 
Now when I go in and she is on shift, she will ask me where my colouring things are and it feels pretty good to have someone kind of random in your life remember that about you. She is genuinely interested in how I have been keeping and how my girlfriend is. She still asks questions about mental health that she is not clear on and we pitch ideas between each other. We converse a bit more frequently now. I was lucky enough to hear a bit of her story as well. 
I know that this a long post however I believe in stories, context and sharing experiences that provide a more constructive look at ourselves as individuals.
If you made it this far, I thank you for reading and a big thanks to Nonkie from Wimpy SA (Hemingways Mall) and your continued support, your phenomenal service and for just being you ❤️

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