Why You Don’t Watch Big Event Movies On Opening Day

I’ve already given my first impression thoughts of Avengers End Game and had planned to see it the following Sunday. Unfortunately, being the mega-blockbuster it is, it was still sold out and just way to busy, and considering it’s already broken and it’s set to break all other kinds of records so I won’t get peeved at it for drawing a crowd.


I did, however, get a chance to see it again today and my thoughts have changed for the better but that will come in a separate post. I realize now, my enjoyment for this film was hampered by the crowd that I was with on opening day.

So the reason I think the crowd I was with on the Friday showing being the cause of me not enjoying End Game is simply because they were noisy, kept accidentally kicking my chair and saying completely stupid things which led me to believe that I was in a cinema not with fans but with normies.



Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Normies, if that’s your life, then that’s your life but what bothers me is that End Game was a gigantic, global cultural event. This is what Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was like back then when that released. I came to watch End Game to see how this whole MCU arc plays out. Not to hear some idiot behind, asking, “Is that Captain America?” How on are earth you watching End Game and not know that it’s Captain America? This movie was for fans of comic books and the MCU and the ultimate pay off. Ten years of time and money invested in these characters and films. “Oh cool, I didn’t know they had Black Panther.” What?!! Are you kidding me? Get the hell out of my cinema bro.

Then there are the people that talk throughout the entire movie. I can’t hear the words that they are saying but it’s like flies or bee’s buzzing around your head. People laughing at scenes that are supposed to be dramatic. It ruins the vibe. Or at least it does for me.

So I had that for three hours on opening night. Fast forward to today.

I thought I would catch the earliest showing. Quite surprisingly it was still pretty busy. The lady at the kiosk told me that they haven’t had a chance to sit since End Game was released because from opening to closing it’s End Game tickets and lines, lots of lines.

So this time around there were about twenty people in the cinema as compared to Friday’s eighty plus maybe. Now, this viewing wasn’t perfect because with my luck I had yet again two or three groups of people laughing and talking throughout the movie. Still the same shtick. Laughing at the ultimate conclusion between Clint and Natasha in that scene. It’s not a laughing moment but I digress yet again.

I was able to hear clearly what the characters on screen were saying, I was able to actually follow the plot easily and I came out of the cinema mildly annoyed but satisfied with End Game as a whole. There are still plenty of plot holes but at least Thanos isn’t a stripped-down character of his former self that I believed he was initially. It all made sense once I heard what he was saying before the final battle.

With that said there are moments in the film which are still pretty annoying like the overpowered Captain Marvel and the for some reason, whole women standing up to protect Captain Marvel in one scene. It was stupid and unnecessary. Thank God it was quick, but it didn’t feel like a natural moment. Like, every woman involved in the battle then suddenly realized this chick “needed help” and left what they were doing to pose around. Forced and dumb. I guess that makes me a sexist in this climate. Oh well.

Moral of the story, don’t see films on opening night because you will not get fans. You will get annoying people that talk to loudly, don’t know the history or characters and will ruin the experience for you.

If one of you Normies read this one. if you don’t know what’s going on in a story or don’t understand how it came to this point. Do some research before seeing the movie and speak quietly during the movie.

Although who goes to a cinema to talk?










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