Avengers End Game Seems To break Future MCU Quality


Off the bat, this is not a review and there will be no spoilers. You have my word. This is just my first impressions of the movie. Disclaimer, I am a Marvel Fan and have thoroughly enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Movies since its introduction with Iron Man. This is just one fan’s opinion at the time of writing.

Twenty-two films are now officially part of the MCU and it has been quite a journey. Lot’s of money spent on tickets, blu-rays and time invested into numerous characters.

Avengers: Infinity War so far is my favourite MCU movie to date and this is after I have seen End Game. The stakes in Infinity War felt real, the characters were compelling and the main villain Thanos was an empathetic character. It seemed like Marvel and Disney and Kevin Feige could do no wrong with universe building, casting and planning.

But something has changed within the MCU and I believe it all started with Captain Marvel.

The Captain Marvel movie was one of the first MCU films that I really didn’t enjoy. That during the movie, I would check my watch to see how much longer I would have to spend in the cinema to get my money’s worth. A boring character, over-hyped plot, forced feminism, and zero character development. Just an arrogant, unlikable powerful woman who becomes more powerful, like, Superman powerful by the end of the movie. No risk, no growth.

Since that feeling of the movie and what seemed like a shoe-horn into the MCU right before End Game, something felt different to me. I started to worry about End Game because there was all this hype for Captain Marvel and these political arguments going around.

I feel as if Captain Marvel was the first misstep in Kevin Feige’s management.

This to me has silently crept into End Games story having this unlikable character having to appear to drive the plot and for a big oh my god, here she comes to save the day moment and I got to tell you, personally, every scene she was in or surprise appearance just sapped the energy right out of me and killed my connection with the film.

Then there is the obvious plot of what was going to happen to one of the characters. It was telegraphed from the beginning of the movie. I hate it when I am right and this is what bothered me. When I have watched a Russo brother’s directed film, I have never been right. I have always been surprised and enjoyed their little twists. There were no twists here, I knew what was going to happen and the way it was written into the story just seemed kind of weak.

If there was only one outcome for the Avengers to win then I got to admit, it was a pretty weak way of winning. One way to win. Then I’m expecting a Christopher Nolan smart kind of win, you know?

There are a few good moments with other characters that I enjoyed but nothing especially hard-hitting. The hype-train had me believe that I would cry, cheer and cry again. I cheered once and I’m a big nerd over this stuff but I did not cry once. I didn’t even get that lump in my throat. I felt nothing. I don’t get it. How come everyone else in the world except the people who were with me in the cinema didn’t cry, except for my girlfriend, but she doesn’t count because she can cry during adverts and ironically I’m the girl in this relationship, I’m the sensitive one. I’m the one who enjoys romantic films and what not.

What am I missing that the rest of the world seems to have caught? Besides my feelings so far I’m pretty sure there are going to be a ton of plot-holes discovered once the hype train slows down because a lot of things just don’t seem to add up to me.

While I am glad that this Infinity Saga has come to an end, right now, I kind of feel like the quality is slipping from these movies and weak writing and politics is going to be the way forward. This could also be because I am just feeling a little despondent.

I’m going to go watch it again on Sunday and see if I feel any different because maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind? It’s possible. Maybe I don’t understand the characters as much as I thought I did or maybe these films just aren’t for me anymore? Which I really don’t want to be the case.

Either way, it makes me question the subjective view of the type of quality I expect from MCU movies going forward.

The next film to be released in the MCU is Spider-Man Far From Home, set after the events of End Game or perhaps in an alternate timeline. I don’t know why I think that but it’s just a feeling.

This is just a first impressions thought and since my therapist and girlfriend say it’s good for me to write things down due to my mental illness I will just leave this as is.

If you guys do go see it, hope you enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Avengers End Game Seems To break Future MCU Quality

  1. Hey brother, nice to hear from you again. 🙂 I couldn’t get into seeing End Game again as it’s sold out. Quite surprising for this small town lol. But yeah, Ms Larson is still just as obnoxious. Pushing her aside from the movie itself it just isn’t as well written in my opinion. It’s still fun but I don’t think it is as smart as it wants you to believe. I would still go watch it in the cinema because the battles are awesome. Love to the family 🙂


  2. Great write up man! And I totally agree with you on Captain Marvel! It was nothing, but a feminist movie that was shoved down our throats. I haven’t watched End Game yet, but I already know what happens because the whole thing was spoiled for me on Twitter lol. I don’t care that it was spoiled because I’m not a huge Marvel fan and I’m one of those people that don’t like the majority of their films. I’ll get around to watching End Game eventually, but just knowing that Brie Larson is in the movie makes me want to wait for a Netflix release or Blu Ray.

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