Where to now?

As always, apologies for not keeping up with the blog entries. I got lost for a while there and a lot has happened since…

I went balls deep on the youtube thing, joined Talentsy (which sucks by the way) got a subscription to VidIQ, Tubebuddy and MorningFame. So many other things that have happened that maybe I will remember at some point but currently not right now. I’ve taken a hiatus from Youtube though as it was draining me mentally and I started becoming obsessed which is not good, obviously.

It’s always nice to know that I can come back here and start typing and see what kind of rubbish spews forth from my mouth. But I am starting to think that I need to start a separate blog where I am completely anonymous so that I can delve into my feelings and don’t have to worry about my reputation, especially in this politically correct climate of ours and I’m not even from that side of the world.

The problem with this is then what the hell would I have to say here on Gamers Therapy? (not that anybody really gives a crap)

There a few things going on through my head right now. How could Captain Marvel suck so much, how is it that it took Johnny Depp took such a beating and it took physical evidence from his side for people to go, “oh shit, there is more to the story here.” How much I hate my job and how sick I am of two-faced clients.  I need to leave that job but I can’t find another and truth be told I don’t want another IT job but in this small town that’s all I can really do.

I need money to see my therapist and oh boy has it been a while since I’ve seen her. I’m keeping it together though but I can’t carry on like this. With the way my job makes me feel. I need freedom and an outlet but how the hell do I obtain that freedom while paying bills? It really seems impossible.

I’ve been thinking of a starting a Patreon account so that maybe some nice people will donate a couple of dollars so I can at least continue seeing my shrink but, what exactly do I have to offer in return? “Thanks, guys, I’m sane right now”

Perhaps I could put it into my Instagram account which is by far the most rewarding thing I’ve done. If you are not aware, I am into virtual photography so I upload a lot of pics from games there and while I am not interested in the argument “is it really art?” I have fun doing it and have met some pretty cool people on there. You can check it out below and see if you like my stuff.


Whether it’s enough for people to donate money towards me and my mental health is another story.

I guess I’ve just hit a brick wall or at least it feels like I have.



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