Inner Demons – Anxiety Tips with Gamers Therapy

We all have them. Some of us have more than one and while there probably isn’t a sure-fire method to rid yourself of these inner demons, the question you might want to ask yourself is should you?

Everybody has this side of themselves and those that say that they don’t are part of the 0.1% that have achieved enlightenment (my own personal goal) and the rest are just flat out lying because society says we have to act and be a certain way.

Nobody wants to admit that they have this somewhat bad side to themselves but is it really a bad side?

An inner demon to me could take on many forms. It doesn’t have to take a form of an actual demon that is portrayed in horror movies or in Supernatural (although, personally I think that would be freaking epic) but  I am wired strangely so there is that to consider.

An inner-demon is simply put, you.

The side of yourself that is most harsh, most annoying and never really leaves you alone. How many times have you said to yourself, “fuck, I’m an idiot!” If you said no to this question, you are totally lying and come back when you can be honest with yourself.

Your inner demon is your inner critic. I could call my demon a critic but I feel that because “he” is exceptionally harsh, I refer to him as a demon. This is all dependant on what kind of Anxiety\Depressive you are.

What most people do, is hear the voice inside their head and flat out ignore it but eventually, you can’t and you’ll start believing everything you are telling yourself. “I suck, I can’t do this, I’m pathetic.” etc.

Actually, Depression Talks with Emmanuel has a pretty good video on negative thinking because this inner-demon\critic goes hand in hand with negative thinking and your whole outlook on life will become affected.

So instead of looking through this negative lens, you need to be aware of what is going on inside you.

A good thing to do at this point is “to be with you” 🙂

The next time you have your demon or critic ploughing through your brain, stop whatever you’re doing for a second unless you’re driving and no games is not an exception. Hit the damn pause button.

Analyse what the thought is and where it’s actually coming from. More often than not the one thought isn’t necessarily just there out of one moment but out of a series of moments that have led to this point.

Try and ascertain if it’s an irrational thought or a rational thought. More often than not it falls into the former category.

This is an exhausting exercise, trying to be aware of when emotions or thoughts are currently flying through your head, stopping them and analyzing them, I still get really tired on days like that.






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