Words of the Weekend #27

image courtesy of http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk

Hi there, it’s me again and I’m hoping that I’m taking the correct steps and heading in the right direction with the goals that I want to achieve. Not much has happened in the last week but at the same time, personally and as a creator, some things are progressing rather nicely.

During the week, I’m sure you noticed that I was spending much more time on Youtube. I got excited at a Tweet that Stan Lee sent and just had to make a video of it. That was a bad idea in my opinion.

The video was rushed and I felt the editing was crap, my flow was off (if I even had any, to begin with). all in all, in my opinion, it was a rush-fest. It’s gotten some views but obviously not as much. I’m very thankful that my videos aren’t as popular because I think I would receive so many dislikes.

During the week I got in contact with an artist on Twitter. Not a high profile artist or anything but a person who posted a pic of Spider-Man, a great illustration inspired from the Spider-Man PS4 gameplay trailer and it looked really good. So after a couple of days, I worked up the courage to send this person a tweet.

I originally wanted to get in contact with him so I could obtain some original artwork for the youtube channel. I pitched my idea and he loved it and is willing to even design a new logo regarding branding for  Gamers Therapy. We’ve been communicating backwards and forwards over the weekend via twitter with ideas and samples but we haven’t quite figured out the look yet. The internet is proving to be a wonderful tool. I wish I had gotten involved with Twitter sooner.

I still haven’t played any games in two months because I’ve been, as usual, focused on YouTube and I’m kind of glad I’ve been obsessing.

I have a tendency to get lost in my own thoughts and compare myself to other creators and what they are doing. Granted other high profile creators have a huge following and they have honed their craft for years. I get distracted by the stats and analysis of how many views any of my videos have gotten and what my watch time is and completely forgot why I wanted to start a Youtube channel in the first place.

I want to help people.

Yes, I want to be a content creator full time as well but the core is helping others even if it’s because they want a casual conversation about gaming or geek culture.

I’ve started a new video that will be premiering next week Thursday or Friday. I’m thinking Thursday and I’m aiming to release one video a week right now so that I have time to edit, polish, etc and because I’m still learning, releasing one video a week will give me extra time.  I already have the first draft of editing done and I’m super excited to see the final product.

Work has also been going surprisingly well and my anxiety has been kept in check. I really think I’m coming close to dealing with things in the real world and of course, having these side hobbies is a great distraction as well.

There is nothing much more of relevance to add to this post. Sorry if it doesn’t meet my normal one thousand word ramblings but it is what it is.

I also won’t be posting another article this week unless something really inspires me. I’m just really enjoying the editing of this new video and want to get it done as soon as possible so I haven’t vanished, alright?

With that, I would encourage you to please check out my Youtube Channel next week when I get my new video up.

‘Till next time

Be good to each other


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