Is this the Venom Movie We Really Want? (The Alien Symbiote)

Ask yourself as a nerd and a follower of comics, growing up on the ‘90’s Spider-Man cartoon show. Does this look like the Venom movie we want? Is this the Venom character we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in comic books, tv shows and video games?

*Disclaimer: This is just my opinion of the trailer. My opinion is, of course, subjective and others might have an opposing opinion. I am not judging the movie before I see it but trailers are there to show you what kind of tone the movie will more than likely be when it releases.

You can either watch my video here on the subject but for a more detailed looked read my post.


This morning Sony Pictures Entertainment dropped the second trailer for Venom and it looks good. It looks as good as a summer popcorn flick with a darker tone compared to the normal superhero movies that grace our cinema screens. The fact that the movie is coming out in October is irrelevant. Unfortunately, the tone that the trailer conveys doesn’t really gel well with the essence of who Venom as a character really is.

 Brief History (90’s cartoon show)

Now, from what I remember Eddie Brock worked at few newspaper agencies as a photographer\journalist before winding up at the Daily Bugle. An instant rivalry came into fruition when Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man (for those who live under a rock) for lack of a better expression pissed Brock off because of Peter’s amazing (get it?:-)) pictures of Spider-Man and always got the scoops on big events.

Obviously Peter was able to get these shots as he was Spider-Man plus (again, referencing the ‘90s show) anytime Brock had a legitimate scoop that could push his career forward, regardless of how exploitative it would be, Spider-Man would swoop in (not intended to harm Brock’s career, just doing the right thing) and save the day. An example of this would be in the first episode of the 90’s show, “Night of the Lizard”

In this episode, Dr Curt Connors accidentally turns himself into the Lizard in an attempt to grow his arm back.  Peter, encounters the Lizard at ESU university where he studies. Not knowing that Connors is the Lizard he starts to investigate and the best person to ask would be Dr Curt Connors himself. Upon investigation, he discovers that it was Dr Curt Connors who was, in fact, the Lizard. This information is revealed by Curt’s wife after a battle with the Lizard outside their residence.

However, at the same time, Eddie Brock also knew that Curt would be the right person to ask due to Jameson sending Peter there so he was in the area. Brock was actually the reason the fight broke out as the Lizard had spotted him. After the battle, he overheard Curt’s wife telling Spider-Man that Curt was the Lizard and got heavily excited as this would be the break that he needed for his career.

Unfortunately for Brock, Spider-Man discovered him hiding and webbed him to a lamp post in order to buy Connors some time, so that Spider-Man could turn The Lizard back into Connors again, in an attempt to save his life, his reputation and his family. This, as would be expected, started to fuel hatred towards Spider-Man and remember Brock already had a feud with Peter Parker.

This is just one example. In the next two episodes, I think, Brock had somewhat allianced himself with Norman Osborn and Spencer Smythe to capture Spider-Man. (Because he was a criminal, allegedly) and his big scoop would be to unmask Spider-Man after his capture to the world.

That didn’t go according to plan.

Spider-Man saved the day and Brock ended up getting fired from the Bugle which just added more fuel to the already blazing fire of Brock’s hatred towards Spider-Man. A reminder that Brock still had this competitive rivalry against Peter Parker.

Now, in the 90’s show, the alien symbiote came from a rock that was located on an asteroid. John Jameson, (J. Jonah Jameson’s son) brought the rock dubbed “Prometheus Ex” back to earth. Thing’s get hairy though when the symbiote that was attached to the rock starts freaking out and tries to “bond” with John while he is attempting to land the space shuttle. The bonding doesn’t work as the shuttle is making copious amounts of noise and John was wearing his space suit.

The shuttle then crashes on the George Washington Bridge.

Spider-Man swings in to save the day and after a battle with the Rhino inadvertently obtains the alien symbiote. Jameson, on the false words of Eddie Brock, blames Spider-Man for stealing something from the shuttle and offers a reward for the capture of the wall-crawler.

Spider-Man\ Peter Parker starts getting frustrated at this development.

Bringing the alien symbiote back to his home unknowingly, Peter has a feverish nightmare, being torn for lack of a better description between the Light-side of Spider-Man and the Dark side of Spider-Man, good and evil, yin and yang, that kind of thing.

The symbiote wins and swallows Peter and when he awakes he finds himself hanging upside down in the middle of the city, sporting a super sleek black suit.

The suit is able to augment all of Spider-Man’s powers, increasing his speed, strength and agility. It also amplifies his anger and frustration though causing him to lash out. The suit also reacts to threats independently of Spider-Man’s thoughts or spider-sense.

For example, when Spider-Man doesn’t understand why sonic vibrations weaken the suit and is almost downed, the suit fires a tentacle of its own accord to remove itself from the danger, taking Spider-Man with it.

This is where Spider-Man starts to realize that the suit is actually a life form and upon further investigation with the assistance of Dr Curt Connors understands that the symbiote needs to bond with a  host and in time will try and take to take over the host’s mind.

The alien symbiote is a vicious creature.

Let’s back up a little. Eddie Brock was rehired by J.Jonah Jameson after Brock told Jameson that he had pictures of Spider-Man stealing something from the shuttle when instead it was the Rhino who broke into the shuttle to steal the Prometheus Ex for the Kingpin.

Spider-Man’s name is cleared when John Jameson who is recovering in the hospital after the shuttle crash reveals to Jameson that there was a man in a rhino costume. Jameson fires Brock on the spot for withholding this information.

Brock, now wanting to even the score, tries to take down Spider-Man during a confrontation at a church with The Shocker and Rhino. Obviously, Brock is an idiot as he has no superpowers and gets webbed up, left suspended under the church bell.

With Spider-Man’s rage amplified and him almost killing the Rhino and Shocker in battle, Peter try’s to remove the suit before it takes over completely. Having the dramatic conclusion taking place in a church, Peter uses the church bell to create a loud noise (which the suit hates..and and pry’s himself free.

The suit retreats into the cracks of the floor and falls all over Eddie Brock turning him into Venom.

Brock and the symbiote were practically made for each other now. The suit actually taking issue with Spider-Man due to him rejecting and forcefully removing it. Eddie Brock hates Spider-Man for always indirectly interfering with his career and Peter Parker because Parker always got lucky with the Spider-Man shots and scoops that he obtained at the Bugle. Parker always seemed lucky to Brock.

A match made in hell.

A Very, Very Brief History (Comic Books)

While I am a huge Spider-Man fan, I won’t try to pretend that I know all the information with regards to comic book lore.

This is what I do know.

Spider-Man had been selected by the Beyonder to participate in a super secret, galactic war on the planet Battleword where he discovered the suit. There was a machine or something that could help repair his suit and Spider-Man got in, thought real hard and poof the alien symbiote was born.  He returned to earth with the suit and paraded around in his new threads for a couple of months never knowing that the suit was actually alive.

How Eddie Brock got the symbiote I’m a little fuzzy on so I will attach this excerpt from Wikipedia.

Eddie Brock

David Michelinie would later write the backstory of Eddie Brock as the alien’s new host that would become the villain Venom, using the events of Peter David‘s 1985 “Sin Eater” storyline in The Spectacular Spider-Man as a basis for Brock’s origin.[11] Venom’s existence was first indicated in Web of Spider-Man #18 (September 1986), when he shoved Peter Parker in front of a subway train without Parker’s spider-sense warning him, though only Brock’s hand was seen on-panel. The next indication of Venom’s existence was in Web of Spider-Man #24 (March 1987), when Parker climbed out of a high story window to change into Spider-Man but found a black arm coming through the window and grabbing him, again without being warned by his spider-sense. Venom made his cameo appearance on the last page of The Amazing Spider-Man #299 (April 1988), when he terrorized Parker’s wife, Mary Jane Watson, and made his full appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988)

Spider-Man would confront him in the following issue when Brock reveals that he was a Daily Globe reporter who worked on the Sin-Eater case and that his career was ruined when it was discovered that the man Brock announced as the Sin-Eater was a compulsive confessor. Forced to eke out a living writing lurid stories for venomous tabloids, Brock blamed Spider-Man for his predicament. He took up bodybuilding to reduce stress. It failed to do so, and Brock sank into a suicidal depression. Seeking solace at the church where Spider-Man repelled the Symbiote, the Symbiote—sensing Brock’s hatred for Spider-Man—bonded with the disgraced reporter. Brock took on the name Venom in reference to the sensationalistic material he was forced to traffic in following his fall from grace

  • Wikipedia

My feelings on Venom as a character

With all the history out of the way, I figured that I would share my thoughts on what I think of Venom.

He’s the exact opposite to Spider-Man. He is Spider-Man’s darkness. He represents the things that Spider-Man would probably want to do but refuses to do.

Venom knows Spider-Man’s\Peter Parkers deepest, darkest secrets. His fears, his tribulations,  who he is closest with, what drives him, his weaknesses, all of it. Venom knows these things because of the time the symbiote was attached to Peter Parker and when the symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock it shared this information with him making him one hell of an adversary.

Venom also has all of Spider-Man’s abilities but multiplied by nearly one hundred percent. He is stronger, faster and can fire webbing organically due to the suit learning from Spider-Man how to make the webs. (I’m assuming that part) The coolest ability that I love that Venom possesses that no other supervillain does, is the fact that Venom can block Spider-Man’s spider-sense.

Spider-Man has always relied on his spider sense to warn him of danger, for example, avoiding traps, dodging bullets, his enhanced reflexes has a direct correlation with his spider-sense. Spider-Man can never instinctively know where Venom is which makes him a sneaky and formidable opponent.

I know that Venom becomes an anti-hero and starts fighting for good but I was never really exposed to those comic books. The Venom that I know and love will always be Spider-Man’s adversary.

Now, I also know that Venom is brutal in his methods. He would be like Deadpool except less funny and more horrific, blood, dismemberment, the whole shebang. I like comic books, movies and cartoons that aren’t afraid to show that type of mature content. The more real life it seems the more I can connect with the story and characters.


I’m wired differently. Probably a little fucked up.

Let’s take Spider-Man out of the equation

Due to Marvel being able to utilize Spider-Man in the MCU, Sony currently cannot use the MCU’s version of the character at least to my understanding. This would cause confusion among MCU fans and if Venom is part of that universe which he isn’t or at least not currently but plans can change.

Portraying Venom’s first solo outing and origin story without Spider-Man is a very bold and risky move on Sony’s part. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it but I think based on the premise that Spider-Man is somehow not involved in Venom’s origin is going to anger more of the hardcore fans of Spider-Man and Venom.

Personally, I don’t understand how they are going to do it. Venom as a character grew from his encounters with Spider-Man that ultimately led to him becoming an anti-hero. Not to mention that all of his traits and abilities came directly from Spider-Man.

So in this live version of Venom, does Venom web-swing, does he have the abilities of a spider, can he stick to walls?

If he can, how did he obtain these abilities?

Personally, this isn’t the Venom I know and love. It looks like Venom at the end but Venom’s size isn’t there, and while the Venom voice is pretty good, Eddie Brock’s accent is a little weak. Kind of funny that Tom Hardy played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and everyone except me loved that voice.  There is also no blood.

Venom was bloody brutal. I mentioned that earlier. I don’t think you can make a film of Venom and not make it R-rated and it seems to me that Sony is trying to hit a balance between younger teenagers and adults. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work and they should know this considering the huge success of Deadpool. To me, you either go all in on a character of this calibre or you don’t do it at all. A few tweaks here and there maybe is fine but something that changes the core of that character or how the character acts is a no, no.

The Venom I know made me scared, made wonder if Spider-Man would get away alive. Venom was never afraid to cross the line and that made me feel alive, uncomfortable even.

I quite enjoy the 90’s shows origin of Eddie Brock because if I step back from the show and look at Brock as a person. He is just a guy who is trying to get his life to mean something. Yes, he can be a bit of shit head in the process but in the realm of journalistic competition, who wouldn’t be doing that?

Having his career tarnished by Spider-Man whether directly or indirectly is irrelevant. His career still got tarnished and as a result, led him down this path. According to the wiki which is above the trailer breakdown, Brock slipped into depression. I can easily relate.

Your whole life is falling apart, every opportunity you receive gets taken away by one man. There’s always this one guy that is always better than you in the workplace when you are trying to prove yourself and no matter your efforts, you always get looked over.

Who can’t relate to that?


This version of Venom doesn’t have the Eddie Brock or Venom character that I personally love. I’m not saying I won’t go see it, I probably will but I’m honestly not expecting to enjoy it as many others might and that’s ok.

I always hope to be proven wrong when it comes to superhero movies.  It is important to note that this isn’t the movie, this is of course just a trailer and changes can and hopefully will be made.

So I ask you yet again.

Is the Venom movie you really want?


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