How To: Record Gameplay with Local Party Chat using Playstation 4 Controllers

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Hello and welcome to How To! There are times where I figure out how to do so many random things during the day that I started to think I should really start writing them down. No matter how mundane or even if everyone already knows, these guides are supposed to be completely idiot proof. I call them idiot proof because I’m an idiot and cannot follow instructions so then in essence I make guides that even an idiot can follow. No disrespect to any idiots out there but you should really just own it bro, just own it. 

If you own a PS4 and were wondering how to start recording your clips with not just your voice but your buddy’s voice as well then this “How To” is for you. Today, I will be explaining how you can record two different audio streams to one Playstation 4 console. For aspiring YouTubers who are just starting out and can’t afford equipment and are cheap like me, then this is perfect for Let’s Play videos or live streaming with a buddy in the same room. I can’t stress this enough, you will not be using the internet for your second persons audio. So this is not for Party Chat. Also you need stay in the game for the recording to continue.

If people already know then kudos to you and you have my permission to browse other content here on Gamers Therapy but for those that don’t know, like I didn’t know, here you go.


x 1 Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 pro

x 2 Playstation 4 controllers

x 2 Microphones. You can use the default mic that comes with the Playstation 4, a headset or in my case a set of earphones with a mic that came with my Samsung android phone. It just needs to have a mic guys.

x 1 Main account on your Playstation 4

Right, this will be the easiest How To you will ever do, provided you actually own a Playstation 4.


Power on your console

Sign into your main account’

  • Go to Settings


  • Go to Sharing and Broadcast settings


  • Go to Audio Sharing Settings

In this menu you can select a bunch of things for you broadcast or recording. Video clip settings will allow you to change the length of the video, the maximum length being 60 mins or an hour if you’re an idiot. You can also change your resolution. Play with what works for you here as the PS4 records decent quality gameplay. Decent quality gameplay equals larger file sizes that are saved onto your consoles hard drive and bigger uploads to YouTube or Daily Motion. If you have really slow internet set it at the lowest


  •  Enable Include Microphone Audio In Video Clips


  •  Exit out by pushing O (circle) until you get back to your main screen
  • Connect your headset or mic to the jack on the player-one controller


  • Hold down the PS button on the controller to access the Quick Menu


  • Go to Sound and Devices


  • Select Adjust Microphone Level on the right hand side


In this menu you can adjust the Microphone level to be louder or softer. It’s also a place where you can test to make sure your mic is actually working. For my mics, I usually max out the microphone level. 

  • Push X (cross) on the controller to save the settings
  • Push O (circle) to exit the Quick Menu screen
  • Switch the other controller on.

It should take you to the login screen. And apologies I couldn’t take anymore screenshots with the console at this point of the guide.

  • Select New User
  • Select Play as a Guest
  • Select Do Not Sign In.

You can sign if you want to but you don’t really need to. 

  • Repeat the procedure for connecting the mic to the controller and adjusting the mic volume in the Quick Menu
  • Start whatever game you would like to record preferably from the main account

Please note that audio from the game is being channeled to both controllers simultaneously.

  • Double Tap the Share button on the left side of the first controller.

This will start recording the video. Now you and your buddy who is in your living room can record the gameplay and both of your voices. You can both discuss the game or talk crap. Whatever you want to do this for.

  • Double tap the Share Button again to save the recording.
  • Review the video and see if you like it in the capture gallery

That’s it! From here you can upload it straight to YouTube provided you have an account or export the video to a flash drive for further editing on your PC or MAC and then upload if that’s what you want to do.

Told you it would be easy!


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