Words of the Weekend (Doc. Ock Vs the Ponies of Equestria) #15

How was my weekend? Well, it started out ok. I did what I intended to do for about an hour. I didn’t obsess with the blog for a whole sixty minutes before I was right back on the damn laptop looking at what else I might be able to improve over here at Gamers Therapy. You called it Cary, this rabbit hole is pretty damn deep…

Friday night was just a blur of obsession. The blog, the blog, the blog. There was just no stopping it. I tried to shut my brain down but my mind would just automatically go straight to other things that I could potentially improve. Later in the evening there was new information revealed for the highly anticipated Sony exclusive game, Spider-Man so I was looking at a lot of Game Informer articles. I ended up going to bed at about 3am. A lot later than what I had initially intended.

I woke up pretty early though on Saturday morning and started to obsess once again except this time I had an idea for an article. After watching so many videos of the new Spider-Man game and reading countless articles from Game Informer I started working on my own article. Right now, I can’t remember what the article was actually supposed to be about but the more I wrote the more convinced I had become that this was the Spider-Man game I had been waiting for and the two-part article that I wrote, yes a two-part article, will portray that accordingly. I meant to write a small article but four thousand words and many links to YouTube later, I realized how much I had actually written. Whether it’s any good or not is anyone’s guess though. Guess we will have to wait and see.  You see, I was hyped-ish for Insomniac’s Spider-Man but with me there is always that doubt in the back of my mind. We watch flashy trailers of movies and games, they look fantastic but will it actually be great when you get to see or play it.

Greg invited us to lunch at Wimpy on Saturday afternoon which was really enjoyable except for the poor service that we had gotten. Greg seems rather pretty content with a podcast that I’d like to start-up so we are still seeing where that goes. Oh, important note that I didn’t get anxious at all when we went to Wimpy at Hemingways Mall. I can’t remember if it was quiet or not but I was completely fine so awesome! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so distracted with my Blog and my mind tends to wander when I’m out and about. When we got home I continued to work on the article. My daughter came at 17:00 which is the normal schedule and we hung out, played in the yard, played my little pony with her toys. This time for a change of pace, Doctor Octopus, one of Spider-Man’s villains tried to take over Equestria and only Rainbow Dash could stop him. You know what, I’m lying. This wasn’t the first time Doc Ock has tried to take over Equestria. It’s what happens every time Paige brings her ponies around. Doc Ock is as thick as they come because he always gets thwarted by Rainbow Dash. I’m starting to feel bad for the guy. He can’t even defeat ponies.

On Saturday evening I think I pretty much obsessed again with the article I was writing but I also did spend a lot of time on twitter. Finding new followers, interacting within the community, getting the Gamers Therapy name out there. Hopefully they think my profile picture is cute, lol. One thing that I found really cool was Insomniac replying to one of my tweets. I’m pretty much a Twitter virgin so it’s almost like a celebrity acknowledging your existence. I was stoked until I saw them reply to another Twitter user. Then I just kind of felt dumb and strangely jealous and competitive. God, I’m such a freak. I didn’t get to bed until around 3am again I think . Paige had woken up from a nightmare so she sat with me in the lounge for a bit and we just chit chatted while I was working away on the article. We both went to bed but Paige wanted me to sleep with her for a bit because of the nightmare.  I waited until she fell asleep and then proceeded to my room.  Then the offspring got me up at 6am.

Sunday morning Paige and I played some Lego Marvel Heroes and she left with her mom. I carried on writing the article, going on twitter, checking out news when Mici came out and asked if I’d seen Scamp. Scamp is our tabby cat that we’ve had for a year and a couple of months. We didn’t even notice that he was gone. Mici was asleep for most of the day, probably due to stress from work and I was obsessing with the blog. We both completely forgot that he didn’t come home for supper and somehow we both forgot that we didn’t even put food in his bowl. He normally shouts at us by 19:00 for his supper. We both got a little panicked. Mici had to take a calmative. I couldn’t take one as I’m already on anti-anxiety and depression meds so I had to tough it out. So guess who came to visit. That’s right. Lloyd was back in my head, listing all the worst case scenarios like a film reel in my head, casually mentioning what an idiot parent I am. I ignored it and posted on Facebook that Scamp was missing. We have a Facebook page here in town for local lost animals. Mici called the SPCA which is South Africa’s animal shelter to find out if any strays had been brought in. They said that they didn’t have any cats come in but they would keep an eye out.

Everywhere was closed so we couldn’t go out yesterday to print missing notices so we just kept ourselves distracted with Netflix, reading and my blog hoping that he would come home by himself. Mici’s mom Wendy and her brother Daniel came to visit. I don’t know if it was me but her Mom didn’t seem happy with us. I felt very tense as soon as she walked in. She didn’t seem to be her usual self and it started to put me a little on edge. I could not get into the conversations we were having with them as my mind kept going back to Scamp. I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. I stopped past the store to buy smokes and orange juice. I had my phone with Spotify on it so I walked around the neighborhood looking for Scamp while listening to Eminem. I think I got back and hour later but I had gotten so upset because Scamp didn’t come out when I called. I was secretly hoping that at any minute he would appear and everything would be fine. I ended up having a bit of breakdown because I love that stupid cat. He’s affectionate, likes to cuddle, playful, sweet, he gives kisses on your nose and he’s smart. He knows his name and comes when called and seem to knows when you are really not doing well. Mici was able to calm me down. Either she’s gotten better or I’ve gotten better at calming myself but it seemed to work where as before Mici couldn’t bring me down from whatever vortex of hell my mind had slipped into.

I just ended up doing washing and dishes afterwards as I really didn’t feel like company. The attempt to give a shit when I had Scamp on my mind seem liked way to much energy to use. Afterwards, Wendy and Daniel left and Mici and I checked our Facebook messages to see if anyone may have seen Scamp. Unfortunately not. We passed the time in the evening by watching more Gilmore Girls for a while, at the same time I was working on the blog. At around 11pm a lady on Facebook replied to our post saying that we should check a bridge that’s close to where we live as some strays apparently gather there in the evenings. So Mici and I bolted out and went to the bridge but no cats were there. We then went up and down every street in our area pretty much at a snail’s pace, checking gutters on the way. We found about four other stray cats but not our Scamp. Eventually bedtime came. It was what Mici and I both dreaded. Those moments before falling asleep when your mind wanders and if something heavy is going on with you, your mind automatically goes to the worse thought that you have. We will have to see what happens tomorrow.

Doc Ock – fantendo.wikia.com
Rainbow Dash – mio94.deviantart.com





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