Injustice: Gods Among Us-Ultimate Edition (PS3) A Casual Review

I’m not really a big fan of fighting games, and there are only three fighting games that I have played in my whole life that has been able to capture my attention for longer than an hour.  Injustice:  Gods Among Us is one of these games but fails to truly immerse me in this awesome spectacle of super hero battles but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience I had.

The one thing that fighting games have never been able to do, is tell an interesting story.  Injustice does just that.  What would happen if Superman lost the will to protect and decided to enslave instead?  This is exactly what happens.  A story spanning two alternate universes see the mightiest of DC heroes coming together to stop this new evil Superman.  Don’t let that “evil Superman” part throw you off.  This isn’t the same thing as “Supes” getting mind controlled and destroying cities like we’ve seen a thousand times, there is a far more sinister reason as to how he loses faith in humanity and all in the form of the Joker.  I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to ruin the story for you, but if you’re a comic book nerd like me, I think you’ll probably really enjoy this dark spin on one of earth’s mightiest heroes and how watching him transform,  you see how human he truly is.

There are a total of thirty playable characters including Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, each having their own personal fighting styles, super attacks and powers.  Each one of these characters personalities are engraved so well that you can’t help but feel like a kid again when playing.

To help with the immersion even more, the entire original Justice League cast is present here with Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman and George Newbern as Superman.  The visuals are top notch but I did find that when armies were at full war with each other ,the textures seemed to drop in quality, incomplete renders and texture clippings presenting themselves a little too often ruining the experience.  The game also runs at native 1080p/60fps which makes the battles look crisp and smooth.

Injustice retains its Mortal Kombat roots in terms of fighting, although less bloody compared to MK, Injustice delivers a superb battle system.  Juggling combo’s, awesome super powered attack moves and the most dramatic, ridiculous stage change scenes you have ever seen making this a worthwhile game to add to any collection and on that note.  This is probably the one thing that ruined the immersion for me.  I love seeing Superman getting smacked through buildings from Lex or Wonder-Woman but when I see Green Arrow bitch slapping Superman through Metropolis I feel like I’ve been cheated.  Mere mortals CANNOT do that and when it’s the other way around, Batman getting thrown through statues or being thrown from just outside of Earth’s atmosphere into the ground and still stand up, really pisses me off and takes me out of the experience but luckily the meat in the battle is trying to string your combo’s together and deciding when and where to use your super attacks.  It’s a system that’s easy to learn and hard to master and that’s just the way I like it.

There is plenty of content to delve into after completing the main story.  You can unlock music, art and alternate costumes and jump into the STAR labs, which is the new Challenge Tower.  In this section you can easily load into matches each with specific conditions to be met which will help hone your skills even further.  You can also play online in ranked matches or completely random ones, and I’m happy to say that I haven’t had one connection problem and I’ve always managed to find a match but be warned, the guys that play online are freaking animals and they will tear you apart.  There was a match where I didn’t even touch the ground, due to this guys juggling expertise.  Ten seconds later, I was dead and had no idea what had hit me, just a pulsating, sweaty dualshock 3 in my hands….anyway…

If you love super heroes, a decent combat system and over the top action then I would definitely suggest this.

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