Oh, how time flies!

Hey Guys,

Wow,it’s been a seriously long month since I have written anything of interest.  I blame my work of course.  I was out of town for a full month and couldn’t get any gaming done, like nearly nothing.  As you know,  myself and a few other guys started working at Gamerssphere.com.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I really suggest you do.

We’ve expanded quite a bit and have got a shit load more staff members.  We’ve also partnered up with Poppycockreviews.com and have two podcasts that are currently going.  There is a joint podcast with Poppycockreviews and GamersSphere that airs on Google Hangouts and I’ve just started a South African podcast with one of my mates here, Merrick or you guys may know him as TheMav666 who periodically posts articles on here.  You can find both of these podcasts at GamersSphere.com.

It’s been quite a learning curve and yet it is still difficult to find time to write or even come up with an original topic to speak about.  The only thing I’ve really been doing is spending time and research on how to do the podcast, figuring out Audacity to clean up the podcast and then where to upload it.  I’ve also played a few older titles and I’ve just finished playing all of the God of War games including the PSP ones that were remastered for the PS3 and just finished Beyond:  Two Souls which was freaking awesome and that’s pretty much why I’ve been so quite on GamersTherapy.  My apologies.

I still need to finish the Assassins Creed series and there is only one episode left to do but I honestly just haven’t found the time.  I’ve also become quite self concious about what I write about and and I don’t think I’ve had an original thought in a long time.  All that is really pish posh.  While the news has been very interesting as of late nothing has really excited me in the gaming industry or even sparked my rage that much.  OK, that’s a lie.  Batman:  Arkham Knight has got me excited but until I see some gameplay footage my excitement stays in check and there was the Titanfall cancellation that happened here in South Africa but I was never going to be getting that anyway.

I still can’t afford a PS4 and sadly I don’t think I’ll get one this year either.  😦

On plus sides though, my daughter called me “Dada” for the first time last night.  Amazing how easily kids can make your heart melt.  I swear I am like butter in her hands.

Anywho, it’s late and wanted to communicate.  Keep on blogging!

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5 comments on “Oh, how time flies!

    • I actually just got a new writer on drakulus.com. We’re going to start doing weekly art drawings of Skyrim, and other games.


  1. We’ve all been pretty busy this last month but oddly I’ve been post twice as much as I usually do on drakulus.com. I have to thank my staff for that. They’re a big help and we’re all pretty much focusing on Dark Souls II at the moment.


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