A little post to keep you informed

Hi all,

So next week, I return back to work and with that comes a tighter schedule.  Don’t worry, I’m still going to be blogging but all within reason.

So what I’m going to do is post an article here at Gamers Therapy once a week, continuing with my Assassins Creed series which will be up on Monday 6th January 2014.  Keeping to my previous schedule I will  not be posting anything over the weekends as that is primarily going to be family time, game time, and writing for Gamers Therapy.

This schedule will also fall into the articles I write over at John Heatz.  All game reviews that I do will be published at John Heatz because with the goals we have in mind for the site, the more reviews we have the better and I will also be posting my main articles once a week.  So that’s actually a whole two articles you get from two different sites.  Cool, right? Not really, I know.

The reason that I’m only posting one article per week at each site is mainly because I need the time to play games, write and review my work.  At least during the week, I get an hour or two a day to either write or play games, so I would rather start an article or review on Monday night, work on it until Friday and then publish it that evening which would be during the day for most of you guys.  I would rather publish something that I know is worth publishing than just giving you guys some half-assed thing to read.  The weekends I need to spend time with paige, as well as game time when she naps, and then the evenings for a longer game session.

Obviously this schedule isn’t set in stone, and some weeks I might be more inspired than others so if I do publish more than one article, please don’t think that’s the norm.  Vice versa, if I have some personal things to attend to and don’t publish.

I’m still going to be reading your blogs and commenting when I get five or ten minutes spare so keep those quailty articles coming (looking at you Matt.  Waiting for the next SoH :-))

Anywho, I need to get to bed.  I’ve just pulled an all nighter.  It’s 04:15am, and we are having my daughters 1st birhday party today, so I need to get some shut eye because family gatherings are exhausting.



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