I’m Back, Baby!

Hello again fellow bloggers,

Wow, it’s been three weeks since my last entry.  Sorry about that, but you know how life gets.  I don’t think that this will be a long post.  just a preliminary entry working my way back into the blogging community and then I’m going to try to get my articles done.

I don’t know if you’ve gathered, but my last entry wasn’t the happiest, I was in a really bad place there.

I’m happy to say that things have turned around and the dust seems to be settling.  I think being on leave from work has seriously alleviated the stress levels as well.

The fence is still not up at the new place but I’ve, to a point, kind of stopped worrying about it.  If neighbors complain about the dogs, I’m going to refer them to the landlord so that’s one issue I won’t have to think about anymore at least until a high volume of complaints come in.

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I last wrote on here.  Where the hell did that time go?  I was so busy with everything.  The final week of work was still so busy then suddenly everything just stopped.  It was so sudden that I had no idea what to do with myself so I just ended up tidying up and planning our work schedule for the new year.  There have been a few odds and ends that I’ve had to do since being on leave, then it was three days of Christmas.

My parents celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve so we were at their place that night.  On Christmas day we had a big family get together combining both my family and Debz’s family and then on 26 December we had an afternoon lunch with a close work colleague.  From Friday I don’t think I’ve done anything useful.  I have no idea what the hell I’ve accomplished in this time.  I know I stripped three pallets of wood and built a little gate just outside our sliding door to keep the dogs on our side in the evenings, and then by the end of the day when I looked at it, I realized I had just a built an even bigger pallet.  I could’ve just used one pallet, nailed an extra piece of wood to it and I would have been done.  Sigh, you learn I guess.

My little family is doing well, Debz and I seem to be back on track and Paige is back to her usual cute self which is a beautiful God send.  I realize now that when I posted the last entry, all of us including Paige was stressed.  She also just moved house and needed time to adjust.  I feel bad about what I said in the last post but like before, I’m only human.

Speaking of Paige, she got spoilt rotten for her first Christmas and her first birthday is on Wednesday.  A whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye and for someone who doesn’t enjoy christmas, I’ve actually had a pretty damn good year.  Don’t get me wrong, We’ve had our fair share of bad luck this year but when I look into my daughters eyes, or when she smiles at me, showing her first set of teeth, I realize how blessed and lucky I am to even have her in my life.  Do I get annoyed and stressed out with her?  Of course I do, but she knows I love her and I know she loves me too and I still can’t find words to describe that feeling and that makes living another year completely worth it.

The last couple of days I’ve also been able to get some decent game time in, ranging between six and eight hours at times.  Usually at night when everyone’s asleep and Oh my God, it feels really good to game again.

I also wrote my first review today since the move over at John Heatz so take a look.

http://johnheatz.com/2013/12/29/injustice-gods-among-us-ultimate-edition-ps3/IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1717Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist putting these up.  FYI, Paige isn’t pale or anything, the flash from my Iphone isn’t working properly, don’t worry she’s healthy.

Anyway, I got to go.  My Playstation isn’t going to play itself…





4 comments on “I’m Back, Baby!

  1. I would give you a “Kike” but my WordPress is being stupid and it won’t let me! haha. In any case, I’m glad to see you back, and I’m even happier to see that things are making their way back to normal for you; enjoy the rest of the holiday season, Happy New Year, and let’s look forward to a great 2014 😀


  2. Your baby girl is beautiful dude. Glad to see that everything is working out well for you. I guess we think alike because I was about to write a review for Injustice too :].


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