I’m back! Err, sort of…

Hello world,

Thanks for the patience and understanding the last week.  I’ve taken off just over a week from blogging and intense gaming due to “burn out“, and our big move.  The move went well albeit stressful and our plans changed so much on the day of the move that I thought I was going to “Rampage” on my town.  Now though, the move is done and Debz and I have started to settle into our new home but things aren’t going as smoothly as we had hoped.

Our landlord, who is an exceptionally nice guy, still needs to do a few odds and ends like putting a fence up for our dogs which was supposed to have been done before we even moved.  On the day that we did move in, we had to keep our dogs inside which I don’t particularly enjoy due to the mess the little bastards leave behind.  We live on a big plot of land with other neighbors so it’s a community kind of thing and when Debz and I are at work, well where are the dogs going to be?  The only option we had been left with was to leave them inside during the day but that’s not going to work because cleaning up the mess at the end of a hard day, and Paige, Jeez, it’s not worth that frustration.  So, we organized for the critters to stay with Debz’s brother.  What was supposed to be a week stay is slowly turning into a two-week vacation for the dogs and a nuisance to Greg (Debz’s brother) and the family that stays there.  The fence is still not up, partly due to the rain that has not let up at all the last couple of days and our landlord’s empty promises.  What to do, what to do?  I have no idea…

I’ve been more than a little frustrated, anxious and just generally wound up too tight since the move.  Our deposit hasn’t been fully refunded (from the old place) due to “municipalities being two months behind” what ever the hell that means and Paige has been driving me up the wall not through any fault of her own , just timing I guess.  The universe loves to dish out everything all at once.  Just before the move Paige started teething again, then the day after the move she got sick and now another tooth is coming.  I’m ashamed to admit that I started to take her crying and discomfort as a personal attack on everything I’m doing, also thinking that it’s all just a cry for attention.  Anyway, after a few arguments with Debz, and some hectic heavy reading on babies and temperaments, we seem to have found, at least so far, some form of routine and light discipline.  I may come off as a big asshole here with regards to Paige but hey I’m only human, a really sensitive human.

On the work front, we shut down in two weeks and are surprisingly busy, just doing installations, traveling all over the country side and dealing with shitty clients.  When I’m at work and going out to see clients, I’m polite, always in a good mood and give 110% to each and every business I visit.  Today, I had to go to one of my favorite clients who to this day, I always thought we had a good relationship.  Turns out I was wrong, because my client went off at me stating that the level of service she receives isn’t good enough because of an email problem that’s been going on for months and slowness on her PC due to her anti-virus.  Why do all clients in this type of situation conveniently forget solutions that have been presented to them which they refuse?  I am so sick of giving it my all, only to be treated like absolute dirt in the end.  For two years I’ve giving them excellent service.  They’ve never had to wait for more than hour after logging a call, and If I can’t make it, I’ve always called them to let them know.  I’m tired of being a door mat and getting treated like garbage.

God, I am so frustrated…

Debz and I also seem to be having a few problems, due to the stress of the move and our new routines.  I stress easily about everything and anything.  We are always disagreeing and getting defensive with one another.  I come off as a prick, because I can’t communicate my feelings in a better way, at least that’s what I think.  To me, I get the impression that she thinks she’s better than me, and my opinions and worries don’t matter.  There’s no point in even talking about it because we just end up watching TV in silence.  I’m hoping this phase in our relationship passes because I really do miss us.  It feels like a gigantic invisible wedge has been placed between us and we just can’t over come it.  Just doesn’t feel like we’re a team anymore.

And as most of you have probably heard, Nelson Mandela  passed away last week which practically brought the world to a standstill.  I was quite shocked at how I felt about it, even tweeting a message about him conveying my condolences.  It honestly feels like I’ve lost someone I knew and I know that’s crazy and strangely I’m still trying to come to terms with it.  I’m worried about where our country will go now.  The training wheels are officially off and we no longer have Madiba to protect us or guide us.  To be very honest, I’m scared…I’m a white male living in the rainbow nation and I’m worried that with Mandela passing, will white people be in danger?  Will we all still try to build upon the legacy that Mandela left behind, free of racial problems, working together as a community and being treated equally regardless of race and class?  I honestly hope so.  I think our country is in trouble though.  If any of you guys watched the Memorial, where Barack Obama gave his speech and everyone went wild, then our president, Jacob Zuma got up, he got booed….twice I believe.  So what does that mean?

English: Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, Gaute...

English: Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, Gauteng, on 13 May 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Such a great man.  He really will be missed.  RIP Madiba…

Well that’s it for now.  I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on so If I’ve missed something you guys think I would enjoy just send me a link or leave a comment.

Also when my leave comes around from the 23rd of December I hope to be much more active on my blog and John Heatz but if there’s time I will post some articles here and there.




3 comments on “I’m back! Err, sort of…

  1. Welcome back! Fingers crossed that there’s been a corner turned and things start to get back on track. Moving, especially with a kid (and dogs!) in tow is extremely stressful, take enough time to unwind when you can. All the best!

  2. Warm wishes coming your way. Seems like it’s been a rough couple weeks for you, and hey, maybe it’s a good thing for you to just write it all down and let it out 🙂 I sure hope things get better from here because I honestly feel like I pay attention to what you say and sympathize more about what’s going on in your life than some people I know and see face-to-face.. Weird isnt it? In any case, best of luck to you, and to your country through what’s gone on this past week. You were honesty the first thought in my mind when I learned of Mandela’s passing, maybe since youre my only South African pal. Even if it’s just a paragraph here or there, keep us posted on what’s going on if and when you can. Talk to you soon!

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