Expanding in the blogosphere

Hey everyone,

I’m very pleased to announce that John Heatz from..errr..Johnheatz.com has given me an opportunity to collabrate with an exceptional team with various religous skills and beliefs…wait…oh..shit…that’s the assassin creed shtick…sorry..I’m still trying to get Black Flag out of my head…

Anywho, I’ve never worked with a team before and I have never worked on a team that I can’t see face to face and have actual human contact with or grab a cup of coffee with and that makes me sad and nervous but hey it’s better than nothing.  I’m not sure yet how this is going to affect Gamers Therapy if it’s going to be affected at all.  I’m not planning on getting rid of  my blog either because I really have put alot of work into it.

So far I’ve written two reviews over at John Heatz which I would really appreciate you guys taking a look at.

Katawa Shoujo Review (PC)

Assassins Creed 4:  Black Flag Review (PS3)

I need some advice though.  When I write reviews there, do I reblog it here?  Or do I write one review there and a different review here?  Can I post the same review up at both places?  I don’t think I can or should do that.  Reblogging something doesn’t seem as good because I want to keep my views up on this side as well.

In the mean time my Assassins Creed series will finish up here at Gamers Therapy and remember there are two episodes left.  I’m not sure if any new series will start up over at Johnheatz but trust me, once I know, you’ll know.

Thanks for reading this and for the love of all things holy please share some words of wisdom with me.  Oh, I am planning on writing an opinion piece in the next week or so, so stay tuned.




4 comments on “Expanding in the blogosphere

  1. I know how you feel dude :]. I’ve invested so much in drakulus.com that I don’t see myself abandoning it unless we all get wicked popular to the point to where I no longer need my blog but even then i’ll still like to write about movies and stuff. I wrote my Batman review on my blog because I wasn’t sure if I should reblog it to johnheatz or not.
    So I think I made up for that by posting the Shadow Warrior Review up.

    • I hear you man. If I focus on reviews there then maybe I can post opinion based artciles at GT mostly, every now and then and my series, unless John wants to me carry on with my series there. I guess we’ll find out soon enough

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