Beyond: Two Souls Review (PS3) by TheMav666

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Hey everyone. So I recently acquired Beyond: Two Souls, an exclusive to the PS3 and to be perfectly honest, I was extremely excited for it as firstly I’m in love with Ellen Page….there I said it, she’s a trump card for me personally. But secondly, because it the newest immersive story from Quantic Dream – makers of Heavy Rain. This games also stars Willem Dafoe as Dr Nathan Dawkins and Eric Winter as Ryan Clayton – Jodie Holme’s (Ellen Page) Love interest.

This review will explore a bit of the path that I lead.  This game has multiple choices to make and multiple endings, so your choices may or may not feature in what I say here.


So the story starts with a shaved headed Jodie in a police station and not a lot is making sense, and this town sheriff guy of the small town you’re in is asking all sorts of questions and sincerely wanting to help and she is just dead quiet, then a whole SWAT team rocks up and then all of a sudden we’re at the end of what happens there, not showing the crazy shit that no doubt took place, and Nathan coming in saying “Jodie what have you done“. (Or something to that regard)

The next chapter starts and you’re playing Jodie at age four or so and although they didn’t use a child actress for the character I was impressed that it looked like a toddler Ellen Page. Anyway so there you are sitting in a room after slowly walking there, and you have Nathan and Cole (the other Dr guy with a less famous actor playing him) giving young Jodie some instructions on what to do and it’s to guess what card another test subject in another room is holding by using the entity that is linked and connected to you named Aiden and once all the cards are guessed correctly you must make Aiden move things in the other room like the cup of water and then the card. The other test subject is holding onto the card until she (the test subject) gets ultra freaked out and screams hysterically, but don’t have too much fun making her scream as calming her down gives you the Obedience Trophy. Yes, I am somewhat of a trophy whore. That said, next time around I will keep going because majority of the trophies are “Hidden Trophies” so I might get a Naughty Trophy.

So as that chapter ends you all of a sudden get flung to an adult Jodie at a fancy dinner as Ryan’s date whilst a CIA operative at some Shiek’s palace, where you use Aiden, while sitting on the toilet to see what terrorist style plans he has by opening up his safe in another upstairs room. Once acquired, you are immediately flung back in time to a fifteen year old Jodie going to a birthday party, wearing a dress which although looks nice and all is kinda ridiculed by the other girls who are dressed more like sluts.  Anyway, you do the party and choose music, I got slated there because in the music choice I chose rock and the girls were like “oh hell no!” and changed it to dance pop type crap. Anyway, so I give them a display of my powers as they asked what is my special thing I do, and they’re sufficiently freaked out, but anyway they bring out beer as teens do and dance etc and I slow danced with this guy who seemed nice, gave him the first kiss honor….I felt a little dirty after that one.

Then, this “Blonde Slut” (yes, that’s my name for this girl) wants to open her birthday gifts, which starts off with a thong….moving on then. Then she opens the gift from Jodie (Nathan chose it) which is a 1st Edition, rare collection of poetry from Edgar Allen Poe which should be awesome and treasured right….not so much, “Blond Slut” throws a bitch fit, and all the teens circle you, calling you a witch and burning you with cigarettes and the guy that Jodie kissed calls her a slut that followed him all day etc.  So they throw you in a cupboard, and you assume the fetal position crying, asking Aiden to help you.  Once freed you get the choice, Leave, or, REVENGE!  Well well…. I went Carrie on their asses!

From here the story goes up and down through her life experiences from when she’s a little girl to an adult, when she’s in the CIA and on the run after she is lied to on a mission and kills a president in a war torn Africa and not a terrorist she is led to believe he is. While on the run she is homeless in the snow and helps deliver a baby of a fellow homeless person then she comes across a Navajo Indian family that is plagued by an evil entity nightly, to which you and Aiden sort out.  Just a few tidbits there.

The game ending I got was that I chose life and not to go to the beyond, and chose to be with Ryan and all that romance to which I’m a sucker for….don’t you judge me. But you get the choice to be with the one Navajo guy you meet or even to help look after the baby you delivered.

While writing this review I was gonna release a lot of info on the story and tell everything I did and encountered but I decided that this game is to be discovered by each person that plays it and needs to be given the chance to really get into the mind, heart and soul of each player. I also believe that this game has a message or even a multitude of messages for the players, and I took a message from it, which I won’t share because I feel everyone needs to take out of this game what they believe the message to be.

Now, to my views of the controls of this game. Let’s just say you could call it Heavy Rain 2. Now that’s not a bad thing as it is unique in a sense that no other game plays like it, then when controlling Aiden it is like a 1st person flight sim game which takes getting used to, but once mastered adds loads of fun to the mix. The fighting controls however, I think could of been a bit better, as you use the right analog stick to point in the correct direction (depending on how you’re positioned) to hit or dodge attacks as the slow motion queues, now in the training its fine but when you’re in a fast paced chase or fight scene and your adrenalin is pumping you sometimes don’t hit it correctly. So there, they could of worked that a bit better, and my one and only critical point is that when walking around there is no run option.

All in all though I give this game 9/10 as it truly is an amazing game with a brilliant storyline and stunning graphics.

Enjoy it people.


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