The Legend of Korra: Season 2 Ep 5 Peacekeepers Review

ep 5


I enjoyed this episode more than the others in this season.  Everything was running at a reasonable pace, and I found myself really feeling something for Korra, utter irritation.

Korra now in Republic city decides to go on a peace march with the Southern Tribe.  While there though an act of terrorism ruins the march as the Cultural Center explodes, the only lead being a fire bender who escapes but drops what looks like a detonator.  Obviously, Korra not thinking is quick to blame the Northern Tribe.  Then she has to try and get the President of the Republic to assist the southern water tribe against the north by sending in the United Forces .  Unfortunately and well within reason, the president cannot intervene due to the fact that the conflict is an internal issue between the two tribes.

Lately, Korra  cannot seem to act like an Adult, let alone the Avatar.  When the president told her he cannot help she stormed off like a spoiled child.  Mako even had to break up with her because he was doing his job by reporting to the president that Korra was trying to organize troops from the fire nation to assist the southern tribe.  This pissed her off to no extent which is understandable and the two ended up breaking up.  Much better if you ask me just because at this particular point, Mako could do much better.  Korra is always playing the “Woes me, I’m the avatar,  look at all this responsibility.” and I think Aang would be seriously disappointed in her.

Upset, angry and just plain old frustrated Korra hooks up a boat and speeds off on the ocean, I’m assuming to do a dumb thing like take on the North or something, except the twins of Unalaq are sent to capture her and bring her back alive so that she can open the southern spirit portal.  Another excellent battle ensues but is cut short when a spirit coming from beneath the ocean attacks Korra.  Using her “spirit-bending” (which she shouldn’t really be good at I might add) she tried to calm the spirit and send it back to the spirit world.  Things don’t go according to plan as the spirit breaks free from her bending and just out right Jonah and the whale’s her.  The two twins obviously not going to take on a spirit, run for their lives.

All in all, a lot better except for Korra being a dumb child.




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