Machinarium Review (PS3) A Casual Review

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I was only able to experience this game thanks to two specific sites,  United We Game awarded me with a $25 Amazon gift card and Drakulus who,,,,assisted in getting my new PSN account off the ground.  So thanks to you guys.

I have a very shitty internet connection at home so I prefer the smaller titles that i can download and have fun with.  Not really being an Indy fan i was pleasantly surprised at how much fun i had with this game.  Literally, since i installed it, i could not stop playing it.  The world could have gone to hell around me and I still would’ve being gaming.

It’s a traditional point and click adventure, with lots of puzzle solving, nothing hectically difficult except for TIc-Tac-Toe, man i hate that game now.

The art work is beautifully simplistic, and really captures the essence of this robotic world.

You play as this little robot who gets tossed out of Machinarium with the rest of the scrap, and you need to find a way back in, in order to rescue your girlfriend.  You will have to break out of prisons, trick cats, steal oil, and out smart the big bad bullies that are always picking on other little robots in side this little metal town.

Honestly, it’s adorable and It’s been a while since I’ve had so much innocent fun with a game on such a powerful console.

It was nice to be toned down too such an extent and just appreciate the beauty of how the game looked and admire the skilled people who developed it at Amanita Design.

I hope some of you give this a chance.  It is old now and this review is way over due, but it’s not to late to try some new experiences.