A Thank You From My Gaming Heart

This post is going to be rather different from what i normally do. Short and Sweet.

I quit smoking on Sunday, so I’ve been going through an extraordinarily tough time this week. My withdrawals came like lightning today. And it would take me completely by surprise. I’ve been sweating, shaking, had uncontrollable mood swings and been an emotional wreck most of the day but at the same time i was able to counter it, thanks to a few amazing people and sites that i have had the good fortune of being able to communicate with.

With the help of WordPress I have been blessed with the ability to communicate to like minded gamers all over the world. Gaming is in my soul and if it hadn’t been for WordPress or my fellow bloggers i think i would’ve snapped.

The last two weeks have been exceptionally interesting and exciting. The blogs and sites that I have read, the people that I have conversed with have inspired me in such a way that right now I feel completely at peace and happy. (or it could be a withdrawal symptom) I have made more friends and had more fun in the last two weeks with my blog than i have had in the last two years of trying to make it work. I love the fact that i can bounce ideas off of people, which will lead to a new way of thinking. I love the fact that an article that i did inspires someone else and I love reading another opinion that makes me question mine, or how I view certain things. I love conversing with each and every person that has made the time to reply to my comments and i look forward to getting to know you guys better in the coming months.

Thanks goes to (DRUM ROLL)

Ryan Clements:

I first heard Ryan Clements on the exceptionally popular, number one playstation podcast on the internet, Beyond! in which he was one of the co-hosts/members. He’s a down to earth guy, loving, tolerant and supportive. When ever i get mad at work i think “What would Ryan Clements do?” and with that I’d take everything in my stride. Unfortunately Ryan was retrenched from IGN at the beginning of the year thus leaving Beyond! a missing vital cog that made It so popular. Well, to me anyway. Ryan, if you ever read this, the fact that you replied to my tweet has done more for me than you’ll ever know. You are a fantastic reviewer, excellent host, awesome novelist, and all round nice guy and that is exceptionally rare to find in this world. Beyond!

Check out Ryan Clements blog here: Storyoferas

Robert W Kingett:

I met Robert Kingett on one of those random blog hoping nights and was lucky enough to be able to share an open and honest two way conversation with this man. I plan to learn a lot from you Robert. Don’t go anywhere. You’re articles are excellently written and you have raised the expectations I have set for myself to a whole new level. You really are an inspiration.

I insist on you reading Robert W Kingett’s blog, Blindchicagodream

United We Game:

I honestly don’t know how many people you guys have working there. But I love each and every article you publish. However The Duck of Indeed deserves a special mention as when i read his articles i am completely engrossed by his peculiar nature and interesting writing style. Special thanks again to United We Game with regards to the contest. I was lucky enough to win a Gamestop gift card which really made my day!

Check out United We Game

Also the Duck Of Indeed’s blog

My Opinion As A Gamer:

Boyscout299, I have only known you for twenty four hours and i am already loving the way our articles are bouncing off each other. You have insightful opinions on gaming which makes me question the whole “what makes us gamers” scenario in a different light.

Insightful articles here at My Opinion As A Gamer

Recollections of Play:

Carey was one of the first blogs that I ever read here and was the first one to truly nudge me in the right direction. She was also the first follower i had on Twitter. I may not be on her top twelve list but I am proud to be on her blog roll. Thanks Carey 🙂

and of course, thanks must go to WordPress for without whom none of this could have been possible.

Wow, my short and sweet article wasn’t so short was it. Anyway thanks again everyone.

I’m going to take a break tonight and actually play some games and maybe try to get Raptr to connect to the PSN.


5 thoughts on “A Thank You From My Gaming Heart

  1. Oh my, how lovely! 🙂 Thanks for the shout out, both to me and United We Game. We are doing our best there to make things fun and entertaining for everyone!

    And goodbye cigarettes! With will power, support, and a good mind set, you can and will absolutely quit.


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