World War Z (2013)

World-War-Z-posterDid anyone actually enjoy this film?

World War Z has more of the same in terms of zombie films except, it’s on a bigger scale.  It still follows the traditional zombie formula and that in itself leaves it rather stale and boring.

  1. Focus on a city or town.
  2. Introduce the main protagonist and or family.
  3. Something involving cars.  Someone is always driving somewhere when the shit hits the fan.
  4. An event that sets the public into mass hysteria mode.
  5. Military, Police, any dudes in a uniform really, appear and enforce martial law.
  6. The main character is always the only person that can save the day or has something special to offer.
  7. Traveling, every zombie film you have to travel somewhere far.
  8. Something unique about the zombies.  In this case they climb on top of each other and are really quick and can turn a human into a zombie within twelve seconds.
  9. The hero always has the choice of self sacrifice.

I get that Hollywood is trying to do a big budget zombie movie, but this was not it.  This was a big budgeted boring zombie film which starred Brad Pitt in an effort to win more movie goers.  (I might be completely wrong)


They never explained why Brad Pitt was so special in this film.  Why could nobody else do what he was doing?  The way that scientist guy died, by slipping on the plane and then shooting himself was dumb.  The zombies were hilarious when the actors were trying to be creepy.  Somehow Mr. Pitt was able to survive the plane crash, still being buckled to his seat while everyone else around him was sucked out.  All these wonderful coincidental occurrences point to Hollywood glitz.  Zombie’s are not scary anymore.  After seeing

I’d like to say that this was my first impression, sadly it’s not.  This is a review after watching it the second time.  I didn’t enjoy it the first time and decided to give it a second viewing to see if I had missed something.  Sadly not, I still think it’s a piece of shit.  Not everyone agrees with me though, my wife enjoyed but said it had many flaws, and my brother-in law enjoyed it for reasons unbeknown to me.  He couldn’t really tell me.

If you’re a hard core fan of Brad Pitt I say watch his earlier stuff…

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