Play a game or watch a game?


I must be one of the dumbest gamers on the planet.  I live in my own little world and never really think of how other “gamers” view gaming or enjoy gaming or what they think is gaming.

I read an article tonight at my opinion as a gamer in which they question Nintendo’s objective to make more moola off of Let’s Play Video‘s.  It was revealed to me that some gamers will actually watch an entire game with out even playing it , like at all.  You can read the article here.

Let’s Play…Unless the Developers Tell Us Not To

I fail to believe that and i sincerely hope that this is not the case.  After posting that article about the equality of gaming, i find myself somewhat torn about the acceptance speech that i was giving in that article.  If you watch an entire game on You Tube and you have no interest in ever owning that game, are you actually a gamer then?  My knee jerk reaction is a deafening no!  Does that make me a hypocrite then?  Because the person watching the video obviously has some interest in games if he/she has taken the time too look for it online and maybe just can’t afford to purchase said game and wants to get as close as an experience to the game as possible.

*Sigh* now i feel bad because if that is the case, then i can understand why Nintendo would want to restrict those kinds of videos and to cash in on it, this being just one reason if it is in fact true.  And i feel bad for the hypothetical gamer that can’t afford to play this game.

I am honestly torn.  I need everybody that reads here to vote and leave a comment for me.  I am exceptionally curious about this.  I have no allegiance yet and that bothers the hell out of me so i need your help.  If you voted for option C, please leave a comment to elaborate.

Beyond! (sorry, being listening to a lot of podcasts lately)


9 comments on “Play a game or watch a game?

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  2. Well, if money was no option, it would be pretty weird to watch a game rather than play it, but I guess it’s not impossible. I would never consider it, but others may find it less stressful than having to go through an do it themselves, especially for a game like Dark Souls. I want to try Dark Souls just because of the infamous difficulty, but I could never think of finishing it, so I might watch an LP series instead, just to see what happens at the end since I don’t have the time or patience to do it myself.


  3. thanks for the comment boyscout and the inspiration for the article.:-) Excellent comment! OK, all that I understand if there is a game that isn’t available i would also check to see what’s cooking. What you and Kathryn said I totally agree with.

    Do you think some people watching LP for other than the reasons you both have mentioned are gamers. Say, the game is available, you got cash, but for some weird reasons you decided not to purchase it, not even a pre-played purchase. Is that still being a gamer?

    Although i can’t imagine anyone doing this other than for those reasons listed above.


  4. It’s definitely a pro/con shade of gray. I mean, gamers do more than just game, oftentimes. I’m a gamer, and I watch LPs, listen to game related music, read game related article, and I think that’s what makes me a gamer. Does that mean that you have to do all that to be a gamer? No, a gamer plays games, first and foremost.

    I would never watch an LP series as an alternative to playing a game I’m interested in unless:
    A: I couldn’t get it in America, like Kathryn said
    B: It was expensive/rare/hard to find
    C: I’m only very mildly interested


  5. ok fair, enough. I can accept that. Fatal Frame 4 was for the Wii right? What about a game like shadow of colossus, or ICO which both tell emotional stories. Could you just watch it or would you have to play it? And if you opt to watch it, are you still a gamer by those standards?


  6. Interesting question! I only watch full games if I simply can’t get them here; for example, Fatal Frame 4 which never came to America and was virtually impossible to get without buying a Japanese machine.


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