The East

THE-EAST-PosterA successful operative for an elite private intelligence firm is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist group known for executing covert attacks upon major corporations. However, she finds her priorities changing as she befriends the members and begins to develop romantic feelings for its charismatic leader.

I had never heard of this movie.  I’ve never seen a trailer or read anything about it.  Sometimes you can find a gem of a movie if you have no preconceptions about the film.  Unfortunately this is not one of those gems.

The East had a lot of potential but sadly stumbles all too often and rewards us with nothing of substance.  I like seeing a film about hippie terrorists instead of the normal terrorists that want to kill America.  In the beginning of the film you see a montage of environmental poisoning and i honestly felt bad.  At one point during the film i kind of  wanted these companies to get whats coming to them.  Unfortunately the whole root for the bad guy gets lost in translation.

Once the initial premise of infiltrating this groups little club has been executed, the obvious things start to happen such as falling in love with the wrong person, questioning her motives, doesn’t know who to trust, blah, blah, blah.  Same old story.  I found the film a tad hard to follow at times as if i had just skipped an entire scene where we just learned some important information and we were expected to somehow keep up.  One minute shes against one person and the next they’re best buds.

There was a really dumb scene where they were all wearing these straight jackets and because she’s new to this group they want her to figure out how to feed herself.  After a very embarrassing licking of the bowl, everybody that had the bowl of soup in front of them grabbed their wooden spoons in their mouths and then has to rotate their head to the person on their left in order to feed them…………..why?  I have no idea.  They decided to never explain that or if they did it was obviously a very boring explanation because no one that i watched it with was able to figure it out either.  All it did was paint this film in a light that made no sense at all.

Performances were OK, nothing to write home about, actors got paid, actors acted, end of story.  Although Ellen Page did stand out but only because she’s the only one i actually recognized and at least she brought some emotion to the role.

Film could be better.  I wouldn’t even rent this though to be honest.  Wait until it’s being broadcasted.


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