R.I.P.D. (2013) A Casual Review


A recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him.

Whoever went into R.I.P.D.  thinking it was going to be some epic adventure of grand proportions….,you are clearly wrong.  The trailer was far from epic.  But it did deliver exactly what it needed to.

It’s not on my best movie of 2013 list, but it’s a decent film worth watching if you enjoy films which bring the battle between heaven and hell to earth.  I’ve always enjoyed things of this nature.

This film is fast paced with awesome visuals. It stars Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon.  I really enjoyed Jeff Bridges character that refers too himself as a “lawman”.  His accent is that of a cowboy and the things that he says are so out of place especially when he starts talking about peoples ankles. Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon were solid performances but the problem with them is that they never do anything different.  Ryan Reynolds is being Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon is well, what ever Kevin Bacon does when he’s not filming The Following. 

At the beginning of the movie there is a scene where Ryan Reynolds and his partner Kevin Bacon are about to enter this factory to arrest some guy.  It’s a full operation going on:

The camera is facing up to Ryan Reynolds.  You can see a Police Chopper in the sky above him.  They start to run around the corner, making their way to the entrance of the factory, Police Chopper still in clear view above them.  As they get to the door the camera rapidly turns to the right to show Kevin Bacon ready with a shot gun.  As he cocks it the camera zooms out and the door blasts open. 

All that there is happening in one camera motion.  It really is quite cool.  The camera angles are fast paced an at times feels like you are viewing the story as a separate character.

The movie itself is a tried and tested formula.  Many are comparing it to Men in Black and while there are definitely similarities between the two, this is in no way Men in Black.  This is what Men in Black should have been and could have avoided a franchise failure if they had kept it simple. The one thing that makes this better than all the Men in Blacks combined (which doesn’t take much by the way) is the fact that at one point I really felt sorry for some of these characters.  Imagine not being able to return to your normal life knowing that you’re family is moving on without you while you get stuck hunting deado’s for eternity….

Yes I know that MIB had Will Smith give up his life as well but the most important part that you have missed is that in MIB you never see if Will Smith has a family.

…,that just really bums me out.  Granted this might be the first film out of a (not to sure if there will be sequels, as it didn’t do very well at the box office) trilogy series and shouldn’t really judge, until a second installment (if it ever happens) comes through…..

To sum up, R.I.P.D. is a fast, fun, action flick which was enjoyable to watch with tender character moments every now and then.  It didn’t take itself seriously which is a plus.  Everything Men in Black failed to be.  There was plenty of dialog that had me giggling like a school girl and on that basis alone, the movie to me is a success.

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