50 Shades of Grey Fan Outcry “Oh the hypocrisy”


Oh, the hypocrisy…

Just when you thought everything had quietened down a new outrage has emerged.  First was the initial decision to cast a black guy as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot.  Then it was the fact that Ben Affleck was cast as the new Batman.  Now it’s because the initial casting for the lead characters in the 50 Shades of Grey movie adaption isn’t living up to the fans expectations.

Just like the Bat-fleck outcry people have joined and signed a petition demanding a re-cast and have already accumulated over 12000 signatures.

The initial casting was awarded to Charlie Hunnam and Anastasia Steele.  Apparently the fans wanted Mat Bomer from White Collar and Alexis Bledel from the Gilmore Girls.

Me personally I have never read the book.  I have read a few pages from friends who have it and it honestly seems no different than the soft core pornography that plaques our late night TV channel except for some strange reason it is accepted into our community.

The fact that this is even been made into a film is laughable and highly hypocritical at the same time.  Dubbing this type of literature as “Mommy Porn” seems to make it OK for it to be in the limelight.

People are quick to blame video games, movies, music and everything else when a child starts experimenting with new things that they see from films and games and what i find hypocritical is that a few are so quick to judge everything else and live by the christian faith yet defend this book by referring to as it real life scenarios.  (other peoples opinions on the book)  These are the same people who condemn video games and movies when a teenager shoots up a school or when a kid jumps off of a roof thinking he is Superman.  I wonder if these same people will be so quick to condemn when their daughter ends up watching this and falls pregnant.  Where will they shift the blame to then?  It wouldn’t be their precious little franchise.

Oh but this film will have an age restriction so my daughter and son won’t see it” 

Sorry to burst your bubble but they will just like like the kid who played GTAIV and shot his grandmother in the head (NOT ROCKSTARS FAULT BY THE WAY, WHERE WAS THE AUTHORITATIVE PARENT IN THAT SCENARIO?)   And hopefully when your daughter does fall pregnant i hope to hell that you condemn this film as greatly as you condemn and blame everything else other than yourselves for bad parenting. Age restrictions are there for a reason but you guys never follow it.   Welcome to the other side of the coin you fucking hypocrites.

Holy crap, the above paragraph was harsh.

My point is you fans are demanding that a re-cast be made because an imaginary character in your head doesn’t line up with the man who supposedly has the balls to pull this off.  Same goes for the woman…err except the balls part.  There has never been any artwork of what the characters are supposed to look like.  The studio’s mommy’s probably have a different man and woman in their imagination.

My second point is that you fans defending this porn (lets face it, this is porn, not as rough but porn none the less) because on some level you guys honestly think that its OK for this to be in the public.  If that’s the case then i think Jenna Jameson’s films should be in the Hollywood hall of fame.

Do i care that this book is made into a film?  Not at all and i probably won’t see it.  If i wanted to watch porn i would download it off the internet.  However that is not the point of this article.

If anyone has any thoughts on this particular topic please leave a comment.  I am very curious to know how other people feel.

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